Abusua Pa is a boutique independent publisher that published the Tazama Africa Tarot. They have now released a divine and exquisite oracle card, The Love Oracle of Eden. The Love Oracle of Eden is the second deck from the Black-owned publisher, whose goal is to increase Black presence in tarot art and tarot.“Joy, the essence of who I am.” – Love Oracle of Eden guidebook 2022

The creators of the Love Oracle of Eden Bjorn F. Franklin and Chiria D. Luz Fortes write, “We wanted to create a deck that would cover love and relationships and include people of color, because we had not seen many decks covering this important topic.”To encourage honesty and self-love, no matter what the pain. . . . Even my worst day can be a blessing, and an opportunity to demonstrate grace towards myself and others.” – From the Love Oracle of Eden guidebook

The art of A.J. The artists of Love Oracle of Eden are Chantelle Hamilton and A.J. The artists of this deck have meticulously selected 56 models to pose for the photographic compositions.

Start with the production quality. I’ve never seen something like this before. The level of craftsmanship and the quality of the workmanship is amazing. Each design element has a symbolic meaning.

Lina Kusalte, of Cocooncharacters, created the artwork on the deck box. The floral illustrations give meaning to the Love theme. The tulips represent perfected love, unconditional love and ideal love. The blue iris represents faith, hope and the presence the Holy Spirit. The box design features wings that represent freedom, liberation and reaching new heights.

The star element, which is embossed with gold on the cards, is symbolic for divinity.

Let’s take a look at the 45 cards. The cardstock has a sturdy finish but, because it’s glossy, the cards fan out smoothly and shuffle without friction. The Love Oracle of Eden will give you a humbling experience. These cards have angelic, divine figures.

Hamilton’s photography captures dance, rhythm, and movement with expert precision. You can almost feel the flow. These illustrations emit a palpable Qi, as we Asians would say. These illustrations inspire you to move, flow and find your own rhythm.

Angelica Hanson, of HAVEN Metaphysical, wrote the card descriptions. I recommend working with the cards and the guidebook in tandem, almost as a form bibliomancy. When the word “Create”, it encourages you to visualize and then manifest love, joy and meaning.

This card is described in the guidebook as follows: “A person is wrapped up in a banner that represents a significant aspect of their personality.” They are holding a world, which they carved themselves with their own tools.

The diversity of the human form is really impressive. The style reminds me of illuminated religious works from the early Renaissance.

You are being asked to concentrate your attention on health and recovery when the “Heal card” appears in your reading. The Rod of Asclepius represents the spiraling path to healing, both from visible and invisible ailments. Alchemy is at the core of healing. Remember to tell yourself: “I am moving forward every day on the path of healing and recovery.”

Love Oracle of Eden reveals seven aspects of Love. Eros is romantic love, Philia affectionate love, Storge familial love, Ludus playful love, Pragma, lasting love, Agape universal love, and Philautia self-love. Each card has a different aspect.

What a Protect card! This card will appear in your reading when you are being asked to protect someone else. Build up your own strength so you can withstand difficult times. Your greater purpose, however, is to protect those you care about and those who depend upon you.

This deck’s purpose is to protect what’s most important to the querent in their relationships, and make time for the things that are most valuable in our lives. This card will appear. Remind yourself that “my life and everything it involves is sacred.”

This “Tenderness Card” is very poignant. A being in armor removes one glove to be able hold a child. The child feels safe and comfortable in the arms of the adult being. This card reminds us: “You’re not what you’ve experienced.” Remember to choose to remain tender and compassionate even when things are difficult.

The deck includes a gorgeous hardback guidebook. The deck was created as if it were by a mindful magi, who knows that the details are important and that each layer adds to its power. No design element is overlooked, and no shortcuts have been taken.

The velvet pouch in olive green protects and caresses your deck. This is a sacred oracle card that should be treated with respect and humility. Open your heart and be receptive to receive the guidance and direction that you seek.Remember: “Everything I do increases my awareness of all the abundance and prosperity I can share.”

ORDER the LOVE ORACLE of EDENdirectly through the creators .

If it is more convenient for you, you can also order it from Amazon by clicking here.

The investment is modest when you consider the high production value, versatility, and insights you can get from this deck. I am so impressed with how the creators made sure to keep their prices affordable while still creating a high-end and luxurious deck.

If you want to gain a better understanding of Love, and interpersonal relationships in general, this is the deck for you. This deck is perfect for professional readings that focus on love or relationships. The Love Oracle of Eden helps you cultivate awareness of yourself and those you love. This is a deck that you can read with.

FTC disclosure: In accordance with Title 16 of U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, Part 255 “Guides Regarding the Use of Endorsements in Advertising,” these decks were provided by the publisher to be reviewed. All of what I have said is true and accurate.