Consultations last between 20 and 40 minutes. This is what you should do. I can do readings quickly and am very proficient at them.

From Melissa Cynova:

After a brief overview, we will get to the specific questions you need to ask to help you see what is coming next in your life.

Consultations last between 20 and 40 minutes. This is what you should do. I can do readings quickly and am very proficient at them.

It’s not about the length of the consultation. It’s the authenticity. To help you make changes and see what is possible, we will examine every area of your life.

Please be aware that if I feel unwell, I will contact your doctor as soon as I can to cancel or reschedule. Thanks for understanding.

Let’s talk about feelings. Although I don’t know if Gemini has her period or what is happening with Space Algebra as my friend Billy said it, the feelings are overwhelming.

Although I cannot give you advice on a wide range of topics, I wanted to share some information with you all.

Joel, my therapist, says that when you feel overwhelmed by feelings it is a good idea to look around to see what is real and what isn’t.

An hate spiral is making me very upset.

But, am I in danger? (no.)

Are I being in tune with the truth or am I telling a lie?

Is my story true? Or is it a series of guesses and anxiety.

Is this true?

Sir Terry Pratchett once said, “First Thoughts Are the Everyday Thoughts.” Those thoughts are common to all of us. Second Thoughts refer to the thoughts that you have about your thinking. These thoughts are common to people who enjoy thinking. Third Thoughts are thoughts which can watch the world and then think for themselves. They are rare and sometimes troublesome. Witchcraft includes listening to them.

This last one can be difficult, but it is possible. It is possible to treat yourself as a friend and give yourself advice accordingly. Asking a friend or loved one to tell you what’s wrong or what you need help with is a great way to get the job done.

Tarot is my favorite way to deal with sad things.

The Cups represent water and emotion. They flood your brain. The Swords (fuckin’ swords) represent intelligence. Since brains are made of meat and electricity runs through them, how will it affect your electrical circuit board?

You are short on time and will need to do a complete reboot.

Get some water. Get enough sleep, but not too much Cry. Talk to a friend. Talk to many friends. You can get a squishy pillow, a stuffy, or a pop fidget toy (I have all of them). You can get rid of more bruises if you have the right cushion.

This is possible. You have my faith.

You can have my faith until the end.

I hope that you are all safe and well. You are my heroes, you guys.

Some feedback has been received about my decision to veer away from Tarot in this month’s newsletters. Let me explain.

Although I enjoy spending every month on tarot and reading, as well as general readings for you guys, I choose to use my platform to help others. Although I cannot march or donate as much as my heart desires, what I can do is share the important information that literally saves lives.

You can unsubscribe at any time if it is not for you. It won’t bother me. I am part of this rainbow community. I am a part of this rainbow community because I love the people who are there. It’s also part of my moral code that I help those who find themselves at the margins. It’s part and parcel of my job as an individual human being. So let me do my job.

Pride month is over and many of the events and fundraisers have been cancelled. This community needs your help. This will be my last June, so get used to it.

This month, I want to share information about the Trans Community and, specifically, for the next two week, the Black Trans Community.

These facts are hard to understand, so I’m going right now to share them with you. Next, we’ll discuss how you can help.

Half of Black respondents reported being harassed by school staff who were transgender or gender nonconforming.

Nearly half (49%) of Black respondents said they had attempted suicide.

Black transgender people experienced a 26 percent unemployment rate, which was twice that of the overall transgender population and four times that of the general population.

Surprisingly, 41% of Black respondents reported experiencing homelessness at one time or another in their lives. This is more than five times as high as the overall U.S. population.

Black transgender people were living in extreme poverty, with 34 percent reporting that their household income was less than $10,000 annually. This is twice the rate of transgender people across all races (15%), four times the general Black population rate (9%) and eight times that general U.S. citizen rate (4%)

HIV was a devastating problem for black transgender people. One-fifth of respondents had HIV (20.23%), compared to 2.64 percent for transgender respondents from all races, 2.49% for the general Black population and 0.60% of the U.S. population.

Positively, many Black transgender individuals who came out to their families found that their relationships with their loved ones are stronger than ever. This experience was reported by Black respondents at a higher percentage than the general sample of transgender people. (source)

SO – What can you do to help?

Talk to people who may not be well-informed about the needs of the Black Trans Community. Trans people don’t have to educate the ignorant.

Donate locally. As you guys know, I love the Metro Trans Umbrella Group. Ask around in your local area for ways you can help.

As an ally, be loud and proud. People will be more open to discussing an issue when they can see the face of someone who is involved in it. This has been a topic that I have had many conversations with family, friends, and clients about. I don’t know of any instance where it hasn’t helped.

This week is our last fundraiser for Metro Trans St. Louis & the Bail Project. We have raised more than $1200, which is great news! Yay! Thank you guys so much. I hope you enjoy your goodies.

I am currently working on several decks and I look forward to the Scorpio Sea Tarot release – a deck that I co-created with Maggie Stiefvater. I did the book’s design, she did the artwork. My book Kitchen Table Magic is also due out in the fall. Both books are available for preorder

I still have 9 Kitchen Table Tarot copies to Vandalize. After that, I’m going stop for good. While I will still be selling autographed copies, Vandalizing will likely get moved to my magic book.

You can order them here if you are interested. They will be available on my website July 1.

Take care. Xoxo!


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