As we well know, Astrology has many contributions that can help us in our daily events.

Do you know how to apply Astrology in your life?

Well, I will tell you about some of the tools that Astrology offers and how we can take advantage of all this in our lives.

Astrology, also known as astrology, is a system that uses the relative positions and movements of celestial bodies (especially the positions of planets in the solar system) to explain or predict human destiny and behavior.

It is the original diviners who observed the celestial bodies, the positions of the sun, the moon and stars and their various changes, and then explained them to predict various things in the world. Astrologers believe that celestial bodies, especially planets and constellations, predict the changes of all things in the world in a causal or non accidental way. It tries to use the place, time and position of celestial bodies to explain human character and destiny. Different cultures in the world have very different astrological systems and theories. Astrologers have different opinions on the scope of use of astrology. Some astrologers believe that astrology can objectively predict events that can be verified in the future, and some astrologers believe that the interpretation of astrology is only a trend, and it cannot predict astrology, and it cannot predict

• Zodiacal Predictions

This part is dedicated to knowing a little about us and the people around us, it helps us to know what are our virtues and points to improve with respect to our zodiac     sign, which is obtained from our date of birth.

• Astral Chart

It is like a map of the person, it is more dedicated to the individual to be able to know and see his strengths his descending sign, the lunar and solar influences on his sign, among other things. This “life map” is made up with more data of the person and not only with the date of birth, but also with the time and day in which they were born as well as the place (country and city).

Obviously, it must be developed by an Astrologer, because without the appropriate knowledge it will be impossible to obtain it.

• Horoscopes

This is more dedicated to people’s future events. With this we can take measures of possible events that may occur.

• Tarot

It is a tool that helps if you want to know more about your life in a concrete and direct way by asking questions of what you want to know in any area of your life such as     health, economic, love, etc.

• Birth Stones and Amulets

Thanks to these stones and amulets we can protect ourselves from any negative       energy they may have against us, for example envy. In turn, they also serve to attract what we want in our environment (money, health, work), and are recommended to us according to our zodiac sign.

Positive aspects of Astrology in our lives:

It helps us in our social relationships since with the knowledge of our possible personal and zodiacal compatibilities we can get involved more easily in a      sentimental relationship and also with our new friendships.

At the same time also be aware of possible events that may affect our daily actions,  whether bad or good, know and act with respect to what we saw or read, take action and change what can be changed to avoid what we do not like about our horoscope.

Learning astrology is usually self-study. Of course, if you can find a teacher, it will be easier. You’d better read astrology books for self-study. Although various online astrology articles are also valuable, they are too scattered and unsystematic. Generally speaking, you can read the board after learning more than ten days, because you can use this as the starting point for astrology as long as you learn the four elements, and then you can learn from practice gradually with further study, The level of clearing the market will also increase. Of course, it is also good to communicate with people. Don’t create things behind closed doors. There are indeed a lot of astrological knowledge points, but as long as you study patiently, you can still understand.

It should also be noted that every living being is connected to the Universe and this   Planet. Somehow, what happens to the Universe has a direct impact on our body and our actions. This does not mean that we blame our actions on Astrology or the  Universe, but the more we know what can happen in our environment, the more        actions we can take in our lives, and the more we know ourselves, the better  decisions we will make.