Although the tarot cards do not have a numerical value they can be applied to one so you can include them in any numerological work in a tarot read. There are many options, starting with the simple sequence technique, which I will discuss below. 
To the Qabbalistic card value, from their placement on the Tree of Life sephira to their card counting value. The sequence technique is my favorite, so let’s take a closer look.

Continue counting past ten and you can add the next number, eleven to the Page. 
So that the court cards look as follows:

  • Page/Princess = 11
  • Knight/Prince = 12
  • Queen = 13
  • King = 14

These numbers can be compared to the Major Arcana and we get the following associations.

It might seem like a lot to do to marry these cards, but it is actually quite simple if you think about their strengths.

  • Pages convey messages / Justice delivers messages for all types.
  • Knights are warriors that will sacrifice their lives / The Hanged Man asks you to surrender/sacrifice in order to achieve our greater good.
  • Queens nurture and encourage our growth. Death brings about transformation.
  • Kings are the steady and calm heads of state. Temperance brings serenity.

To include the court cards within the numerology for the Minor Arcana, we need to have single figures 
We will use the reduction technique now to achieve this:

  • Pages = 11 – Justice / 1 +1 = 2 (11/2). – High Priestess, and the 2s
  • Knights = 12 = Hanged Man / 1+2 = 3 (12/3) Empressand 3
  • Queens = Death / 1 +3 + = 4 (13/4) Emperor and the 4s
  • Kings = Temperance / 1 +4 = 5 (14/5) Hierophant and the 5s

You might be thinking that it is a shame that the Empress and the Empress didn’t get the queens. 
Kings and Emperors, but that would have deprived us of the chance to study this 
These cards can be further explored.

The Pages have a number 11 which, according to classical numerology, is a master figure. 
it’s special. It’s the number of Illumination, of ideas, flashes or inspiration, information that seems to come from the unknown, beyond the veil. The pages are related to the High Priestess. Now it is easy to see how they relate to psychism, bringing unknown or hidden knowledge.

While willing to give up their lives (as 12’s), the Knights are excellent builders and creators. 
They are equivalent to the modern military and bring order to all communities. 
Others fail. The Empress is known for her ability to build, repair and create.

The Queens with their 13-pound weight and responsibility for transformation don’t disappoint. 
leaders. They are brilliant organizers and rulers throughout history. 
Fitting Emperors by bringing about the necessary change, and as with the knights the ability to 
Build and repair. They say that “behind every great woman, you’ll find a even greater man.” 
It’s true.

Finally, the King, with their calm and steady 14 correspond perfectly to the serenity and wisdom of the Hierophant. They also represent the structure and are heads of state. In days past, even kings were ruled over by popes.

Not all Pages are equal to the High Priestess and the 2s in Minor Arcana. We are not saying that the Knights are equal to the Hanged Man, the 3s, or the Queens are the same with Death and the 4s. Nor are the Kings the same as Temperance or the 5s.

We are implying that court cards possess the essence of the Major Arcana cards they correspond to as their function or mode of operation.


You can find an advice card by adding the numbers of the cards to your tarot readings. The following example cards add up to 22 and reduce to 4:

10 + 3 + 9 = 22/4

Numerology’s Master Builder is 22; tarot’s 4 is the Emperor. This would be the additional advice that the querent needs to know how to manage their situation and the archetype they should embody in order to achieve success.

We could add a court card, such as the Page Of Wands, to this list. This would give us 33 Master Numbers, which is an addition to 22. It provides ”guidance for the world,” according to Hans Decoz a numerologist. This means that these four tarot card are unique as a whole.

We can reduce the 33 by using the above technique to get 3 + 3 = 6. – 33/6 = The Lovers. This reading would have the Lovers as the advice card. However, we also have the value 6 which has its own meaning.

  • 6 – Movement, balance, solutions, harmony, healing, empathy.

It’s interesting to see what happens when you add all four cards together. The cards’ value was not reduced to their single numbers when they were added together. We would have reached 6 if we did that, however. Such is the beauty and nature of numbers. There are two ways to get to the six. It is worth looking into other options.

  • 10 Wands = 1 (10/1)
  • Empress = 3
  • Hermit = 9
  • Page of Wands = 2 (11/2).
  • Route one: 1 +3 +9 + 2 = 15 – 15/6 (1 + 5)
  • Route two: 10 +3 +9 +11 = 33 – 33/6 (3 & 3 = 6)

Route one includes the Devil (15), which is visually related with the Lovers ((6)).

Route 2 offers a more spiritually-focused offering.

Are they better than each other? We don’t know, but we can see that the Devil and Master Number 33 are showing us a shadow side of the reading. This is a kind of reversed and upright reading as revealed by their numerology. The numerology of the cards gives your reading a new position.

  • What you can’t see
  • Unknown factor
  • And so on.

You can get more information by adding the card’s value together in a reading 
It will confirm or expand the main message of your reading. It will enrich it. 
It is worth your time to do.