Arcana Art 2021

Published by Alison Cross 28 January 2022

My friend Alexander Daniloff sent me this wonderful picture of The Magician. I was instantly curious about the exhibition. This is ARCANA.

Arcana, an art/written work project, was launched in 2019. It initially involved 14 artists from all disciplines and all over the globe. Each artist was given a Major Arcana title card to use and they were able to contribute to the project in any way that inspired them, including poetry, short stories, painting, sculpture, etc.

It’s fascinating to me that not all artists have a tarot history (probably most don’t), so it’s very interesting to see their inspirations after being given their Major card title. Their insights are refreshing for us card readers!

Although there was an actual-world exhibition in Munich in 2019, the Pandemic of 2020 saw the Arcana project move online. We are fortunate that the Arcana website still has the 2020 and 2021 exhibitions from over 40 artists.

The exhibitions combine visual arts with the written word. Please click through to the STORY Links for 20202021.

Although this is my favorite image from both online exhibitions, it’s High Priestess by Hazel Ang. I also love the work of Pamela Tait, who lives up north in Scotland – so close to me in the grand scheme. (I’m on the West Coast).

Hazel contributed High Priestess to the Arcana Art 2020 project. Recently, I was able to meet her at her Munich home. She stated that it was a labor of love. She also said that she wanted to keep in touch with writers and artists who are inspired by the oracle. There will be a Munich physical exhibition in November. Unfortunately, the exhibition is still in planning so I do not have any details.
Hazel stated that she will issue a call for Artists and Writers in February on these platforms.

Follow the project and your favorite artists! Follow them on social media and look out for the call outs for artists this year. Who knows, maybe you’ll be one of the chosen artists!

Which image or written word do you love the most?