Since forever, I’ve been looking for a copy The Rebel deck. You can purchase it from the creator’s site, but I am extremely wary about ordering from overseas these days because of the extra Royal Mail handling fees and Customs and Excise taxes on imported goods.

“But why not just purchase from Amazon?” As you look through the various tarot oracle decks in Big River Shop, you might ask: “Why not just buy from Amazon?” My tarot-lovin’ fren’ will tell you why. There are many fake decks available on Amazon UK, and The Rebel Deck is just one of them.

I am absolutely bible-banging-evangelical about buying legitimate decks (if you like to buy fakes, just walk away from me now before I rugby tackle you to the ground and give you a heart-felt lecture on the importance of paying creative people what they are due, not criminal copy cats). Shannon Gomez, creator of Rebel Deck, contacted me and gave me the details of T He Manages Store. Reader, I scanned the website and got a copy of this deck.

Then, I went to the Book of The Face where I shared the link with them – and now I am sharing it here! I hope Rebecca has enough copies!

What is The Rebel Deck, you ask?

It’s a 58 card deck that will give you the answer to the question “What does life want me know right now?”. The cards are extremely sweary, but they can also be very useful!

There are four colors available for the answer cards: pink, purple and orange. The card’s one side has a circle with an answer (alongside a little unicorn motif), and the other the message from the deck about that statement.

It is my favorite thing! Why? It’s like a friend whose tolerance for bullshit decreases the more she drinks – sweary but warm and fun. It doesn’t require you to have any special knowledge to use it. There is also a version for teens and a version for couples. LWB is not available – you don’t really need it.

As the Rebel Deck might suggest, Shuffle and Fucking-Well Go