Astrology and Its Application in Life,sooner or later you are going to run into skeptics. They believe that astrologers are frauds and they ‘make it all up.

Alternatively they believe astrologers are well-meaning idiots, along with astrology believers. This is quite funny, because these skeptics are the same people who live their lives by the clock and the calendar. Both of which are also made up. Frankly, the time and date are about as real as Narnia, lying behind the wardrobe in the famous C.S.Lewis classic.
I realise that astrology is about as real as Narnia to people who are educated in a rational universe with only science and mathematics to hold them, but at some point, you have to challenge skeptics and ask ‘Why is your reality, more real than my reality?’

No surprise: many people engaged in recovery have also turned to astrological counsel for support. Over the years, many such souls have found their way to my office. As a group, they are impressive. I have learned a lot from them. To overcome a disease such as alcoholism requires two virtues in abundance: first, courage – and, second, enough humility to recognize and admit the existence of the problem. Inevitably, as an astrologer, I’ve often wondered about why there are twelve steps, not ten, or some other round number. Could there be some interlock between astrology and these life-saving systems?

Many have found healing in twelve step programs based on the model of Alcoholics Anonymous. As most of us know, these programs of recovery are not limited to alcohol issues. They have spun off similar programs for drug dependencies.

So what would Sherlock Holmes think? Did Bill Wilson have some kind of astrological training or insight? I think the evidence that the twelve astrological houses and the twelve steps have a common origin is compelling.  Is it possible that Carl Jung conveyed this ancient metaphysical structure to Bill Wilson? Surely that is a possibility, but in and of itself, it proves nothing. Or did Bill Wilson simply plug into one of those ancient archetypal truths that is so basic to the universe that it gets discovered over and over again? That is easy to believe. I still don’t know the answer, and I am not sure that it really matters.

Either way, astrology and the twelve steps are gifts from heaven that help us navigate life in a world that can sometimes be very hard. Those addictive “exit ramps” on the spiritual path can sometimes look very tempting – and, like most exit ramps, once you have taken them, finding your way back to the highway can be difficult. It might even take you twelve steps to find your way back.