The field of study known as astrology examines the potential impact of celestial bodies on Earthly affairs. Many people believe that a person’s personality, romantic relationships, and financial future can all be predicted based on the position of the sun, stars, moon, and planets at the time of their birth (as opposed to the time of their conception

Most people’s experience with astrology is limited to the concept of a “sign,” which refers to one of the 12 constellations that make up the zodiac. This is a twist on the sun-sign astrology that forms the basis for most newspaper horoscopes. An individual’s sun sign horoscope can be constructed with little more than their date of birth, making it the simplest type of horoscope to interpret. Many astrologers would say that this way of looking at the science is too simple to be trusted.

Astrology is much more complex than many people know, but it provides an image of a person’s character and corresponding insights that are challenging and beneficial in a person’s life.

Rat: The mouse is an attractive person. It is not slow to make full use of any favorable opportunities. Rats have done well in real estate, public relations and advertising. Mice are good at communication and can easily deal with people from all backgrounds. Of course, they enjoy a good life. They are clever, even cunning. The element of the mouse is water, and the color is black.

Cow: Strong and conservative. They change their views slowly and perform well in military or other professions that require leadership. Cattle are loyal and patient, and they will leave their mark in life sooner or later. The element of cattle is soil, and the color is golden.

Tiger: Tiger is a brave and noble soul, but also very sensitive and can take action quickly. They need jobs that can be bosses, or they can strike without anyone giving orders. The tiger element is wood, and the color is green.

Rabbit: An elegant and peaceful rabbit is a witty soul and will never dream of deliberately hurting anyone. The rabbit prefers a simple white lie to an out and out truth, which may destroy friendship. Rabbits are considered very lucky and perform well in professions that demonstrate their interpersonal skills, such as law, acting or diplomacy. The element of rabbit is wood, and the color is green.

Dragon: The talented artistic dragon is the real display of the Chinese zodiac. They are always popular and easily affect people around them. Dragon is firm, successful and enthusiastic. Dragons usually find successful careers in the performing arts or creative arts or political fields. Their element is soil, and their color is gold.

Snake: Snakes are the most attractive creatures in the zodiac. They have a lot in common with Scorpio in Western astrology. Snakes are attractive and highly alert, and are often found in academic or scientific professions. But their great physical attraction also makes them famous actors and entertainers. The element of snake is fire, and its color is red.

Ma: A diligent and confident horse can take responsibility without complaint even under the most arduous task. Horses pride themselves on their elegance and strength. Although they may parade with pride, they also love to accompany and make exciting friends. Ma did well in sports, military and politics. The element of horse is fire, and the color is red.

Sheep: Sheep are very agile and like climbing mountains, but they often worry about it. They can be a charming company, but at other times, they tend to complain and imagine the worst, and disappoint their friends. Sheep can find success in intimate careers, where they can worry about making profits. The element of goat is soil, and the color is yellow.

Monkey: Smart and witty monkeys never lack friends. Monkeys are always gathering all their lives. They have claws for the pulse of life. They are aware of the trend earlier than anyone else. As a result, they have achieved success in media, advertising and design. Monkeys can also be tricky and need to be alert to the tendency to use slower types. The element of monkey is metal, and the color is white.

Chicken: Chicken is a shrewd and confident operator. He is ambitious and has a high vision. The chicken proudly stepped forward, so it chose a career that can show off and achieve impossible goals, such as the entertainment industry or the business philosophy of breaking barriers and traveling around the world. The element of cock is metal, and the color is white.

Dog: A faithful dog will always accompany family and friends. Dogs are frustrated in philosophy and find comfort in familiar household affairs. But dogs have a series of adventures in their souls, and they are occasionally seen running with the wind. When the dog is threatened, the dog will also attack. Dogs excel in caring professions such as teaching and nursing. The element of dog is soil, and the color is yellow.

Pig: The glorious and strict pig is one of the easiest symbols of the Chinese zodiac. However, they are easily shocked and affected by some less strict signs. Pigs are creative and should be cultivated. If it is not successful, we usually find a sense of achievement in art. The element of pig is water, and the color is black.

Since our world is currently in a state of transition, many individuals and organizations are turning to astrology for reliable guidance as they navigate the many new challenges they face. There is no more precise or trustworthy way to tell the time than by following the planetary cycles that make up the cosmic clock. Improvements in astrology’s educational programs, community activities, and research are contributing to the field’s current renaissance by creating more competent astrologers and better quality of service.

The symbols used in Chinese astrology are animals, not gods and goddesses. Because of the different dates of the Lunar New Year each year, you need to check the New Year’s date when you were born to determine which animal year is suitable for you if you were born around the beginning of the Lunar New Year?