* Benebell reveals for the first time, in English, the rich history of the Chinese Taoist tradition’s ancient practice of creating magical sigils or Fu talismans. He also provides detailed instructions to modern practitioners who wish to create their own Fu. Fu talismans consist of ideograms or writings that are usually printed on paper. They are empowered through invocations, rituals, and the transference of energy (Qi). Talismans are used to achieve many different goals, including strengthening or weakening certain personality traits, finding love, making more money or easing tensions at home. The Tao of Craftshows metaphysical energies can be harnessed in order to amplify, strengthen, weaken or dispel metaphysical energy, and to correct perceived imbalances on the material plane. This book is a step-bystep guide that includes a wealth of charts and images. It gives readers the confidence and knowledge to create their own Fu talismans.

Wen, the author of Holistic Tarot, explores the historical and cultural contexts surrounding the Fu from the Neolithic period in Chinese history up to the contemporary practices of Taoism. She provides a solid basis in Eastern spellcrafting and highlights the blending Taoist metaphysical practice with Western approaches to magical practices by pointing out the eclectic, integrating and harmonizing aspects from other cultures and religious traditions.

Fu talismans have been used historically by the Chinese to alleviate illness, avert misfortune and magical attacks, defend against assaults, and avoid poverty. This book demonstrates to western practitioners the ability to interact with the spirit worlds and the knowledge necessary to do so. It also serves as a guide for how to channel concentrated Qi energy in their Fu talismans.

This statement is technically not true. You can find a few academic books published by university press that cover the topic. The Tao of Craft cites many of these books. A few self-published obscure books are available on the topic.


Benebell Wen’s book, “Talisman Crafting: The Ancient Taoist Art and Practice”, is a rich and powerful resource that will help you live a magical and fulfilling life. It reveals the why sacred and empowering behind this ancient Taoist practice and art. “Read and remember why you’re here and where you are.”

–Phyllis Curott is a priestess and attorney who has written Book of Shadows and WitchCrafting as well as the Love Spell.

The publication of a book in English about the creation and usage of Fu talismans, which is among the most useful parts of Chinese magic, is welcome. But when the book is readable, thoughtful and eminently practicable, it’s a cause for celebration. Benebell Wen’s Tao of Craft has all of these qualities and deserves to be read by anyone interested in the theory and practices of operative magic.

John Michael Greer is the author of The New Encyclopedia of the Occult, The Celtic Golden Dawn and The Archdruid Report.

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Benebell is a master of metaphysical arts. She is a student of tarot and feng-shui. She also studies I Ching and numerology. Wen is also the author of Using Tarot to Grow: An Integrative Approach, published by North Atlantic Books in 2015. Wen is a practicing attorney in California and New York when she’s not teaching, lecturing or writing about metaphysics. She is of Taiwanese origin and lives in Northern California, with her husband James.