Arwen Lynch, a prolific writer, has ten novels under her belt. These novels, which are known as Marilu Mann cover paranormal and contemporary romance. Marilu Mann books have not yet been published at this time (9/2020). She is also an avid collector of decks. View her Books & Tarot & Oracles & Lenormand decks.

Non-fiction includes Mapping The Hero’s Journey. She is also the author of numerous Books & Tarot & Oracles & Lenormand.

It’s weird to talk about me in the third person, y’all!

You might visit my page for Tarot For Writers if you are an author, published or not.

Mapping The Hero’s Journey With Tarot: 33 Days To Finish Your Book This book will help you to take control of your wip (Work in Progress). Many people have used it for NaNoWriMo in Nov.

With Lisa Hunt, Arwen was Arwen’s first attempt at writing a complete deck.

Secrets to the Mystic Grove Mary Alayne Thomas will take you deep into the magical grove where women have birds as their hair!

Elle Qui Oracleis by Melanie Delon. This deck includes wise counselors and fierce warriors.

Practical Tarot Knowledge is a deck that provides beginners with the images and verbiage of the Radiant Rider WaiteSmith Tarot as well as the cards themselves. You don’t have to look for the book anymore!

Gift of Tarotoffers 3 card readings. Each envelope contains three cards from the Practical Tarot Wisdom deck so that the recipient receives a reading each time they open it. Perfect for stocking stuffers during the holidays

The Field Guide to Garden Dragonsfeatures the cute dragons of Stanley Morrison and the tongue-in cheek field observations of Arwen. This book is sure to delight both young and old.

Bianco Nero Tarot (coauthored with artist).

U.S. Games Oracle Project to Launch in 2021

View her Books & Tarot & Oracles & Lenormand decks on sale. These decks are not hers alone, but many from her extensive collection that are seeking new homes.