The bad vibe that made you feel like your boyfriend was not right for you. But everyone told you to give him a chance.

You did ….. You did.

Another sitch is this: You are stuck in traffic and nearly 90 minutes late to work because a little birdie advised you that you should change your route.

If we don’t respect these insights, what’s the point?

This is intuition: it guides us, helps us, and makes our lives (and literal throughways) just a little easier.

Is it a heck yes or a hell no? Is it in your stomach? Your heart? Right between your eyes? You feel a tingling sensation in your fingertips

Your intuition is like a GPS for your life. If you know where traffic jams and accidents are, you can plan when to reroute. You can get into a lot more jams if you don’t listen to your intuition.

But what would it look like if it wasn’t?

Nobody likes to hear “I told you so”. So, isn’t that time it was you got rid of this phrase from your vocabulary when it comes down to intuition?

This is what I see after you take this course (and by the way, I’m psychic so you might want to listen up)

Person with strong intuition who doesn’t need to be questioned.

A person who “knows” somethings, and not by accident.

Confident human being who believes they have intuition and that it is an innate gift that will make their lives easier.

We were blessed with intuition a long time ago. It was something that kept us safe from being eaten by saber-toothed Tigers.

Although its task is less urgent now, it still serves its purpose: It allows you to avoid pitfalls and save time.

Tarot and are tools to help you tap into your inner intuition.

Let’s just say that you would like to learn the tarot by yourself so you don’t have to hire someone to do it for you.