Court Card Guardians of Putin and Zelenskyy

My last blogpost shared the Major Arcana birth cards of the Presidents in Russia and Ukraine. We learned that Putin is governed 16 The Tower, and Zelenskiyy by 6 The Lovers. Surprised to discover that both Majors would be served by 14 Temperance when I looked at their companion cards for 2022, It’s important to remember that each of them reached Temperance via a different route.

This blog is about court cards so I looked at the birth court cards of Zelenskiyy and Putin. The Tower card transforms into the King of Wands for Putin and The Lovers becomes the Knight of Cups for the Ukrainian President.

It feels loud, energetic, and destructive when we look at The Tower or the King of Wands. Although the King of Wands is a character I love, as an invader of another sovereign country, I tend to be more drawn to the King’s less appealing traits. All the things that make me love the King of Wands – his charismatic, passionate, expansive personality, and charismatic persona – are likely what make him a favorite to Russians. Such a fiery person is driven by what is possible. He is the only one who can lighten up, shining a torch on everything he touches, and toppling any edifice. He also lights up himself for the benefit of all. He hopes they will see him as a heroic and noble warrior (shirtless, riding on a bear, whatever it was), but what the world sees is someone who is consumed by their own ambitions, ego, and actions. Someone who is willing to burn a country. The King of Wands does not make a good team player. This is leadership by assertiveness at best, and aggression at worst.

Zelenskyy’s Knight of Cups is a good match for The Lovers. But it’s a more relaxed and natural way to go. Although The Lovers seems like choices are being made, Knight of Cups is making his decision and riding off with his bride. His country is in this instance. The Knight of Cups is a character that looks like he’s on an adventure by love and for love. Let’s face the truth, Zelenskyy is in love with almost everyone. That motorbike will also be loud – we just need to hope someone turns off Putin’s amps lol!

Both Presidents will be able to use the same Guardian card in 2022. But how do their birth cards compare with this year? We have 14 Temperance cards, which gives us Temperance as our Major Arcana card. If we look at the table of court number allocations, we will see that The King of Cups has been numbered 14.

The King of Cups is the guardian for 2022. He shows us that it’s a year for diplomacy and for empathy-based leadership. Hmmmm, which leader do YOU think will be more attuned? What does the year card of the President’s birth court look like?

I have no idea what’s going on with this picture. I have tried it many times to rotate it.

Putin must learn how to behave like a King Of Cups in order for his year card to work in Putin’s favor. Temperance is needed to temper the assertiveness of the Wands King. In the heart-led qualities of King of Cups. This I don’t believe is possible, do you?

Ukraine’s Zelenskyy matures from his Knight of Cups birthday card into the King Of Cups. His Airy Knight nature that could feed so much of King of Wands fire becomes fire itself, but not the all-consuming, all-consuming passion of the Kingdom of Wands. He becomes a leader who is sympathetic to his birth card energies. He cares deeply about others and that won’t change. However, Zelenskyy will become a formidable opponent to Putin.

While the battle may have shown Putin’s strength in battle, the battle for hearts is won by Zelenskyy.

What do you think?