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October will feel like a turning point. A few planets are ready to station direct, eclipse season begins, and Mars goes retrograde. What’s that mean? Here’s the scoop:

The first big astrological happening occurs when Mercury turns direct on the 2nd. This pesky retrograde has kept things chaotic for a few weeks. But now the trickster planet is ready to make nice. It won’t be long before the energy simmers down – and life gets back to normal. So relief is on the way if you experienced travel or tech misery!

Next up: Pluto will be direct on the 8th. After months of inner work, we’re ready to do the outer work on ourselves – and our governing bodies. Real change can happen. Take stock of what you’ve learned, roll up your sleeves, and get ready to do the work. Transform yourself and the world you live in.

A Full Moon in Aries on the 9th delivers results on things that began in the spring. This is a harvest period where you can collect the rewards of your hard work. If nothing seemed to flourish, you could turn over the earth in preparation for new seeds. Let go of the dead weight so you can put your energy into fresh starts.

Mercury heads back into harmonious Libra on the 10th, which adds a dash of diplomacy to communication. If you sparred with anyone during that retrograde last month, you can smooth that over. An olive branch could go a long way. This transit elevates romantic banter as well. Witty flirting = winning at the game of love! Mercury will remain here until the 29th.

Another one: Saturn is direct on the 23rd. Like Pluto, this has been going on for months. It was the perfect opportunity to see where new structures needed to be built, especially for the collective. As the midterms loom, something is stirring. A new foundation is being made. How this plays out may be surprising, mainly to those who were determined to go back in time.

The planet of love goes dark and moody when Venus slithers into Scorpio on the 23rd. This is the perfect period to explore taboos and forbidden topics. Also, secret crushes or affairs could be revealed. If you want to keep something on the down low, you’ll need to guard those secrets like a super spy. Venus in Scorpio can also bring out the green-eyed monster. Keep that beast on a leash if you want to avoid soap opera level drama. Venus enters Sagittarius on November 16th

The 23rd also puts the Sun into Scorpio, the ideal season to hunker down and get your recluse on. Privacy is on the menu – but so is intimacy. You could find new closeness and sexual heat if you are in a relationship. This transit of the Sun is also fantastic for research. If you want to uncover the facts, you will if you look hard enough. Watch out for jealousy and revenge on your side or on the part of others. Nothing good will come of it. The Sun remains in Scorpio until November 22nd

Big news: the solar eclipse in Scorpio arrives in dark style on the 25th. Eclipses are wild cards, and this one promises to be INTENSE. Themes of sex, money, transformation, and evolution are bubbling to the surface. What needs to go? When are you ready to start? The old skin is shedding, revealing a whole new you. Intuition will be extra-sharp – follow your hunches, and you will move in the right direction. Most importantly, you’ll want to remain open to change, even if it feels scary.

Jupiter takes another tour in Pisces on the 28th. During this period, you can expand your consciousness, creativity, and compassion (that’s a lot of “c” words!). Intuition is also heightened, which allows for lucid dreaming and killer instincts. Enjoy this period, which hangs around until December 20th. Then it’s back in Aries, ready to blaze trails in 2023!

Mercury makes another move before the month closes out. It’s in Scorpio on the 29th, the best transit for secret communication. If you want to keep your info private, mums the word. It’s also divine for research, getting to the bottom of mysterious situations, elevated intuition, intense conversations, and deep thinking. Sounds groovy, right? Well, it is as long as you don’t engage in brooding over past hurts. Let that crap go so you can tune in and turn up. Mercury remains here until November 17th.

Last but not least, Mars will be retrograde from the 30th until January 12th. During this transit, words can become weapons. If you don’t want to start a war, watch what you say, write, or tweet. This is an excellent time to reflect on your relationship with anger and intimacy. If you tend to fly off the handle or have trouble expressing your sexual needs, you can learn new, better ways. During this transit, you’ll want to avoid starting a new business or job, entering into pointless arguments, starting fights, filing lawsuits, or getting elective surgery. It’s best to wait on all that. However, if you want to resolve old conflicts, have at it – but be nice.