Elemental dignities can enrich your tarot readings. These elements can be difficult to understand and require a lot practice. My tutorials will provide all the information you need. If you need guidance or practice, I can also help.

The four elements and the four tarot aces are at the core of the Tarot. This post examines their journey from nature to the spiritual world and offers examples of how the elements can be used in everyday life.

This mini-serie introduces the concept of elemental dignities by selecting one card and looking at their divinatory meanings and interpretations, numerology, astrology, and elemental association. You can bring this to life by asking questions and using the tarot cards drawn to answer them.

Part Two of the Elemental Dignities Mini Series demonstrates how the tarot cards work by adding another card. It is now a two-card combination that examines how the elements interact and how this interaction affects the questions in Part One.

This mini series teaches you how to add the third and last card to create a three-card combination, also known as a triplet, or triad. It also demonstrates how to use elemental dignities to read the three tarot card cards.

The Elemental Dignities Dictionary is unique and revolutionary. You can now look up any combination of two or three elements from any card and get their definitions from both authors.

The four elements are represented by the primary colours red, blue and yellow. To further connect the reader to the natural aspects of the elements, we have added the Platonic solids.

Two different tarot readings with elemental dignities. Also, a card pairing will show you how to easily read card combinations. As an additional example, see the Golden Dawn examples to learn how to use Elemental Dignities.

This article explores the possibility of adding another element to a triplet of elemental dignities. It uses the element that is associated with the question to show how the elemental dignities and interpretation change by adding the fourth element.

This expands upon the idea of adding an elemental basis to your question by actually selecting a Tarot card to represent it and placing it in the Tarot reading as a significator. This technique is not limited to elemental dignities but can be used to help you see how the question connects to the answer.