Welcome to the world of Astrology – a place misunderstood by many but usually proves to be fruitful in the long run! Some people feel a strong connection towards their star sign, all the characteristics and traits fall in line with the T, yet some people don’t feel that way at all.

Some people find themselves relating to other star signs, so they often end up discrediting Astrology, altogether. But, did you know, your Zodiac sign isn’t the end all be all of Astrology?

There are many layers to the science, each revealing a new feature once it’s peeled back. So, join us today as we help educate you a little more about the fascinating world of the stars, planets, and how they affect us!

Astrology started from the practice of using celestial bodies and the energy they would hold on a certain day or time. Zodiac signs are generated from the same ideology, using the constellation behind the sun to gauge the star sign you’ll be assigned. These signs were divided into four elements – fire, air, water, and earth – that occur in nature.

The common misconception about Astrology is that it predicts the future.

False! There’s no guaranteed humanly possible way to foresee things that haven’t occurred yet. What Astrology does is help people navigate through upcoming times, highs and lows, and cosmic events.

It’s a tool that people can use to better understand themselves, their inner voice, their reactions, and control the way they proceed in the future.


NASA unveiled the first-ever most-profound infrared image of the universe which comprises a cluster of galaxies on 13 July 2022. This proves that the Earth is a minuscule component in the larger scheme of things with significant elements of the universe still mystical and unchartered by mankind. Talking about the workings of the stars and planets, ever tried uncovering the mystery behind them that influence zodiac signs?

The realists dismiss astrology as a form of metaphysical art, there is a serious argument made by the believers that the position of stars and planets has an impact on our present and future, which is beyond mortal control. Thus, astrological zodiac signs have a huge role to play in determining a person’s personality traits.

Moreover, with Mercury Retrograde in progress, the topic of zodiac signs and their astrological effect on day-to-day life is being extensively discussed. While some take their sun sign very seriously, others are unbothered by this mysterious science. Here is a lowdown on all the 12 signs, their element groups and how their distinct characteristics are manifested into personality traits complementing each other.