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Right: Keyed to the sepia-toned Vitruvian Edition. Right: Keyed to Vitruvian Edition in sepia tone.

The 198-page Medium White Book is available for download.

There are two versions: one for the First Edition deck in black and white and another for the Vitruvian Edition deck in sepia tones. Be sure to download the version you want.

Download the PDF files to check the accessibility of the Spirit Keeper’s Tarotdeck. You can also use the files to familiarize yourself with the cards after purchasing the deck.

NOTEThere’s no Medium White Book in the full-color Revelation Edition. The 80-page Little White Booklet contains the short-form meanings of the cards and a few sentences about the historical/mythical characters or settings shown. The Book of Maps Third Edition will contain the complete written entries for every card.


Click Here to Order the Printed Paperback 8′” x 8″ Hard Copy of the Medium White Book for First Edition Black and White Deck. Price: $8.59

Click here to order the paperback hard copy 8” x8′ of the Medium White Book for the VITRUVIAN Editionsepia toned deck . Price: $9.24.

Please be aware that the content of both editions is almost identical. Only the image of each card is different. If you want to save money but still have a paperback version of the MWB then only get one version.

You can only get the VITRUVIAN EDITION if you already own both editions SKT.

Only if you have the First Edition of SKT, should you purchase the FIRST EDITION MWB.

The primary goal of this text is to serve as an introduction to the spirit keeper’s Tarot deck, but there are many other useful resources to enrich your work with tarot.

You can learn a variety of reading techniques, including tarot reading spreads. There are also some tips for beginners, such as how to shuffle, read the cards intuitively, use tarot in psychic development and read with reversed cards.

There’s also a section at the back that contains tables of correspondence and reference information. These tables will help you see the connection between tarot, the elements, and astrology. They’ll also show the relationship between tarot, the Tree of Life and numerology.

On page 152, there is a guide and checklist on how to incorporate elemental, numerological and astrological connections, as well as Kabalistic and alchemical ones, into your divination.

If you’ve never used astrology in your tarot or Kabbalistic correspondences, and don’t know where to start, or how to incorporate numerology into a tarot, following the guidelines of the Strategic Planning Spread can be a good place to begin. This spread is accessible to beginners and novices.

You can navigate directly from the table of contents by clicking on the hyperlinked headings. The table of contents is hyperlinked and you can use it to navigate the book.

On this page, you will find two versions of the Medium White Book. The content of both versions is identical (except for a chapter at the beginning and some minor changes in the entries for the redesigned card designs), but one version is keyed for the 2018 First Edition, and the other is keyed for the 2019 Vitruvian Edition.

Scroll down to find the links and downloads for the First Edition MWB.

You can also compare the Vitruvian Edition with the First Edition. Visit the Gallery of All Cards.

Dimensions: 8.5″ x 8.5″

Total Pages (Ebook): 198
Total Pages (Print Book): 202

Word count (Ebook): 53 995
Word count (Print Book): 54 182

The Medium White Book, Vitruvian Edition is a guidebook for the Spirit Keeper’s Tarotdeck.

Download the E-book in PDF format. This is a free service. You can download the Book by scrolling down.

Print copies are available for $9.24. Details and link to purchase are below.

Three books are available in three sizes to help you understand the The Spirit Keeper Tarot.

The Little White Book, pictured left above, measures 2.75″ x 4.75″. It is tucked into the deck box. It doesn’t have much content due to space restrictions. The LWB contains approximately 20,000 words, while the MWB has 50,000.

The Book of Maps is a revised Vitruvian edition, pictured right above. It measures 6” by 9” and has over 700 pages with 160,000 words. With the purchase of the Premium Package, you will receive the digital files of the Book of Maps. It’s unwieldy and excessive. There are also several chapters with practical tips. You’ll either love the Book of Mapsor be put off by it, muttering “I don’t know what that bitch is smoking.”

Back to the LWB

After finishing the LWB of the Vitruvian edition and seeing the tiny booklet in print, I decided to do those with poor eyesight a favor and format the content of the LWB in a larger book in a larger font. Each deck would come with the digital files of the larger LWB.

To make the LWB look more proportionate, I added more text as I formatted the larger version. I used bits from the Book of Maps and also added more practical insight into each of the card, while formatting.

The larger LWB size was not a faithful magnification. It was a new text.

I called this new product Medium White Book. The original design that I had in mind is shown above. However, after formatting and uploading to’s print-on demand service (a third-party), you can see how Lulu has automatically added the barcode. So I changed the design.

The e-book of the Medium White Book is designed for online viewing or for storing it on your tablet or smartphone for digital access. In the PDF version, the page spreads are not aligned in a way which is optimal for printing. However, the physical copy uploaded to Lulu takes into account the page spreads.

2019 Vitruvian edition

Download the free MWB e-book


Please note that the e-book does not have mirror margins set. It’s not suitable for home printing or binding as there isn’t enough gutter margin.

Order a physical, readable copy from Lulu. The price is under $10, making it a budget-friendly option. You’ll be printing out the pages anyway, and using up all the ink and paper. It’s more practical and economical to buy a paperback from Lulu. $9.24, people.

Click on the icon with three dots “…” in the upper right corner to download the PDF.

Click on “Open With” in the upper right corner and then select “Download.”

Order a print copy of the Medium-White Book

If you prefer to hold a professionally bound, printed book and are willing to pay a price for it, I have uploaded the file to Lulu.

Click on the bookmark icon located in the leftmost vertical margin. In the screenshot above, you’ll notice it is illuminated in blue. A navigation pane with the table contents will appear. Click on a heading to jump directly to the section you want.

Vitruvian edition



You’ll pay Lulu $9.24 for the printed copy, and not me. My revenue is $1.42. Please don’t assume that I am spending a fortune on these printed MWBs.

You can even see the screenshot of Lulu. Below is a screenshot. I did not set the $7.46 in “My Price”. Lulu sets the price for printing. The actual cost of printing was $7.46. My revenue per order is $1.42. You pay $9.24.