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February is easy-breezy. There is much to be excited about as the planets are acting well.

The Full Moon in Leo, on the 5th of July, kicks off the good times. This is your chance celebrate YOU. Toot your horn! You should be proud of what you have accomplished. It’s okay to brag from time to time. Leo’s Full Moon says to shout it loud now.

When Mercury enters Aquarius on the 11th, logic rules. Your head should be the one making all decisions. It knows how to find rational solutions. Even if you have something in your heart, it is unlikely that it will be the best decision. You’ll want to make connections with your friends during this transit. You can add fun to your February by having a good chin-wag with friends over cocktails. On March 2, Mercury will enter Pisces.

When the Sun sails Pisces, the 18th, emotions take center stage. Everyone feels it. When intuition and compassion are clamoring for the spotlight, it can be difficult to keep logic in check. Pisces season elevates creativity. Create art, music and start working on your novel. It’s okay if your creative urges reside in the bedroom or kitchen. On March 20th, the Sun will be in Aries.

On the 20th, Pisces’s New Moon arrives. This is the best time to begin new creative projects. This also awakens your sixth sense. Pay attention to hunches and omens. You might be onto something. You might be able to create intentions that are centered on art, compassion, service and intuition. Jan Spiller teaches you how to use New Moon Astrology.

Finally, Venus dances into Aries on the 20th. Passion is the new game. Action is the new trend, not cozy and romantic. You should take chances with love, be adventurous, do new things together, and keep it spicy. You don’t want safety. The Ram is all about action and excitement. Get out there and light that fire! Venus will make her way into Taurus, an easygoing sign on March 16th. This Taurus is known for its slow hands after all the thrills.

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Annndddddd here are your personal monthly Horoscopes:

Aries: This month is full of opportunities, my dear Aries. Jupiter is still in your sign and the Sun is sat in your house of dreams. You possess a magical touch. So be sure to put your focus on what you want, create, or are. You can make magic happen by using your willpower and the stars aligned. Mars, your ruling planet, is amplifying mental energy. You can achieve what you want if you believe in yourself. The Full Moon on the 5th can bring about a change in your love life. This could mean a new level of intimacy or the end to a relationship that is stagnant. Mercury will enter your social sector on the 11th, and you will be ready to go again if you have experienced a breakup. You might find new friendships that lead to something greater. You can have fun while you’re chatting and getting your groove on. You’ll find some time to yourself on the 18th when the Sun will settle into your rest zone. The New Moon joins the Sun two days later. This makes the 20th a great day for solo retreats. It can be very healing. Venus will be in your sign from the 20th to the middle of March. Venus will be in your sign until the middle of March, making you one of the zodiac’s foxiest signs. You’ll be the center of attention, with new suitors coming to you. This razzle-dazzle vibe can spill over to other areas of your lives, giving you the ability to get what you want, when you want it. Winning!

Taurus: February sees you dancing like a social butterfly because Venus, your ruler, danced through your friend zone at month’s beginning, Taurus. This transit is too great to be sat on the couch. Instead, get together with your friends, go to cool events, or host a cocktail party! The Full Moon on the 5th is the best night to get your friends together at your crib. Enjoy cocktails and jazz music as you celebrate this lunar beauty. So much potential! Mercury will enter your career sector on the 11th, and important work meetings can consume a lot of your daytime energy. You might find negotiations difficult, which could give you an excuse to party after a long day at work. When the Sun shifts into Pisces, it warms up your social circle more. The New Moon on the 20th follows, allowing you to party with your friends and family. You’re ready to do some undercover love once Venus has hid in your 12th home on the 20th. Clandestine attempts to dance in front of a fireplace on a cold winter night = hell yes!