Gypsy Witch Cards

Published by Alison Cross, 9th August 2021

Fabio Vinago – Reading Fortune Telling Cards

I’ve tried so hard to learn how to use The Gypsy Witch deck (US Games Systems Ltd). Although I was able to complete the beginner’s course with Brant Wilkins via the WDA, I couldn’t understand the language. While I could look at the examples and think “oh yes, that makes sence”, I couldn’t understand how to put down my own cards. Let’s face the truth, the LWB deck leaflet isn’t the most informative.

US Games announced a new book about the Gypsy Witch, titled ‘Reading Fortune Telling Cards’. I was thrilled and instantly pre-ordered at Amazon. This would be my chance to finally get to know the deck!

Notification: The Gypsy Witch decks are not available for purchase. Click the links below to get a copy of the book and deck set.

The book’s release in the UK was a little behind the American counterparts. I had to wait patiently for the day it arrived. Reader, it did arrive last week. I have now finished the book and am ready for a review!

The book measures 17.5cm high and 12.5cm width and has 125 pages. Fabio Vinago wrote the book and it was originally published in Dutch. Ruth Gistelinck deserves a special thank you for translating Vinago’s words into English, which is easy to understand.

Fabio Vinago is unknown to me and the book’s title refers to a Romani approach to reading the cards. I was a bit skeptical. He doesn’t claim this, however, as he reads through the book. He says that he has seen the Romani cards read by Fabio and it gives precise and detailed interpretations. So I am assuming that Fabio isn’t Romani but an observer who has experience with Romani card-reading. This is in no way a criticism. It’s just a heads-up for those who assume that all the secrets of this deck will be revealed to them with the inside scoop from a true Roma reader.

Let’s now dive into the book’s contents. There are pages dedicated to Romani culture. Here are some important nuggets. Please take your time! Vinago points out that fortune telling cards are not the Lenormand deck despite the existence of many similar cards in both systems. The playing card insets of the GW are different from Lenormand. Why would they? It’s a totally different system, and the Romani do it their way!

This section outlines the cards and their meanings. Vinago goes beyond the short paragraph on each card, and includes keywords to help you remember the meaning of the card. He also provides a brief section on how to use the Joker card, which I found very useful.

The third section will cover different types of spreads as well as how to read them. It starts small (past present and future), and ends with the huge Gypsy Witch Cards’ Grand Tableau. This takes many pages and will require me to become proficient with. One question I have regarding the GGT is about the diagonals. Some diagonals aren’t included in the list. (for example, p84. Why are 11 and 5 not considered a diagonal?). I want to know the reason.

The book does not explain the meaning of each playing card reference or the reasons they were assigned to certain cards. However, it contains a section that covers the face cards (Knights, Queens and Kings) and how you can incorporate them into your reading.

This section includes different combinations of cards that have significance. This means that not all combinations of cards are important, but only those that can be interpreted as having a specific meaning (eg The Sun and Fox). You will find out who you can and should trust.

The book ends with a list containing Dos and Don’ts. These include: Never talk about death; stay kind and loyal; take your time; don’t give out cards if you’re not feeling well.

Let’s conclude by asking you what your opinion is of the book.

I feel a little disappointed that this book fell short of my expectations. Yet, I am unable to pinpoint why this is so. The book is filled with good information and spreads. Yet. Perhaps I wanted EVERYTHING I struggled with to be included, namely the inserts for playing cards. Vinago states that playing card insert suits can help determine what else might be at play during a reading. A love question that has many Diamond cards might indicate money worries. However, I was told that the 9 of Spades “speaks of excessive spending” and am left flipping through the book wondering “where, WHERE does that say that?”

Overall, though, the book is useful if you want better results with the Gypsy Witch fortune-telling cards. Although it doesn’t contain all the answers, that’s part the fun of working with these cards.

As I learn more about the GW cards and Vinago’s book, I will update this review.

The book HERE is available for purchase at, an ethical online shop that supports local bookshops. Do you want the book/deck set? HERE can be found at