Astrology is old as time and has been used for centuries by Pharaohs, Queens, Kings, and world leaders to help them achieve success and greatness. So why wouldn’t we use it to help us create the life we want for ourselves?!

Through Astrology, we are able to obtain self-awareness, receive guidance, and glimpse into our future. The stars can reveal so much of what we consider to be life’s mystery.

The Zodiac Wheel is formed out of twelve Zodiac signs, and each star sign has a unique personality and characteristics. However, this is only the sole base of Astrology.

Looking deeper, a good astrologist can help you discover more about the authentic you by looking at your Sun sign, Ascendant, and Moon sign.  

Your destiny was written in the stars the moment you were born. The exact time of birth, date, and place in Astrology create your Natal Chart, which is exactly like your fingerprint.  

Your Natal Chart can help you discover your potential, strengths, weaknesses, and flaws. It is an important instrument astrologers use to look into your past, present, and future and give you the answers you’ve

been seeking.

Astrology can provide you with direction on how to enrich your life, but as well it can give you advice on which areas need improvement and warn you about forthcoming events that can negatively impact your future.

In conclusion, when it comes to living your best life, Astrology can significantly help and steer you in the right direction.

The role of traditional astrologers is mainly to tell fortune, just as the astrolabe can reveal the future situation, and these external situations can be predicted, even can not be changed.

However, human is the most unpredictable, because he has a certain degree of rationality, will, ability to withdraw and ability to make various responses. If people’s awareness develops more acutely, it will be more difficult to predict.

In addition, a person with a high degree of awareness may learn a certain lesson or obtain a certain insight with only a little hint. Those with poor awareness must obtain the same understanding and insight through specific external events and circumstances.

I think the reason why a person can be accurately predicted is that he lacks awareness.

Each person does have his or her own life chart, specific karmic patterns, or various tendencies at the emotional, mental, physical and other levels. However, the situation a person will face is largely determined by his or her way of expression.

In other words, you will get what you give, and everything will return to its source. If a person shows impatience or self righteous attitude, she or he will certainly induce others to make the same response.

It is futile to shift one’s misfortune to the natal chart.

Modern astrology should transform and modify the energy mode of the natal chart, so that the most positive performance can be displayed.