The Tarot Court cards were a constant source of anxiety for me for many years. It was difficult for me to remember their personalities and characteristics. I was missing the bigger picture, as well as the finer details. Although I tried many different methods to help me remember and learn, my memory was the biggest obstacle. It isn’t up to par, no matter how I look at it, I have a weakness!

It has been funny, but it has affected me a bit. However, learning and memorising my other tarot decks was easy for a few reasons.

  1. To learn Tarot, I was using the Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck. As you probably know, the Minor Arcana are illustrated. I could associate to my heart’s content, read the symbols and use my intuition, and still get it right.
  2. Crowley Thoth has keywords on its Tarot cards. This is another visual aid that works well with the rest of the deck.

These techniques had less impact on me with the Court cards, though. Even trying to apply the elemental association to them at the beginning didn’t work, and they haunted me until I purchased the Quest Tarot. It is very similar to the Thoth in the fact that it has a different Court structure than the Rider Waite Smith. The Quest Tarot preserves the female to male ratio of a Thoth but makes the Court Cards into a regular family with Father and Mother as well as SonDaughter are also included. It also has keywords on the Court Cards – a great help.

The magic happened right in front of my eyes, like a lightbulb flashing in my head. I finally understood and remembered the Tarot Court Cards.

What was it that lit the bulb? Quest Tarot depicts a family. I have one! It was easy to find the Father of Stones (King Of Pentacles), in my father. I knew enough people to associate them with the corresponding Tarot Court Card. It was becoming easier and more simple every day. I felt guilty for not having done it sooner.


Many attributes make up the Court Card personality, which can be confusing. After I had identified a face on a Tarot Court Card, it was time to start animating them. I found the nuances between attributes less confusing, and, to be honest, less significant.

My father, a Gemini sun, is an Air sign. This aligns him with the King Of Swords. My father is the King Of Pentacles. He’s a builder and creator. He takes care of all of us in a practical, pragmatic manner. He is a thinker, and an analyser. But the core of his being belongs to Earth.

With a measure to compare the King of Pentacles, I was able to expand my horizons. It was simple to examine the people in my life, my family, and friends and determine which Tarot Court Card they were.

In this way, all of the Court Cards were brought to life for me, down to the Pages of the Rider Waite Smith deck. I’m a good friend of many children. I was also able to find Thoth Princes & Princesses among the people I knew. Now, exploring the Tarot Court Cards is a more enjoyable activity than a tedious one.


First, consider your immediate family. Assuming that you have the traditional family, evaluate your father and determine which king he represents for you. Now you know the king you are referring to. You can do the same for your siblings and mother. Their personalities will soon be familiar to you. Before you know it you’ll have your own Tarot Court Card family. 

Once you are happy with the assignment of Tarot Court Cards for your closest and dearest, move on to your extended family members and friends. It will be surprising to see how many people you know, and you’ll soon be seeing Tarot Court cards everywhere. I can even assess the Tarot Court Card they represent by looking at the general population.


I said earlier that I saw my father as King of Pentacles, but astrologically, he is an Air sign, Gemini. This should theoretically make him the King Of Swords. He’s actually both of these kings. However, because I know him, I can tip it in favor of the King of Pentacles.

My mother is the Queen of Pentacles. However, she is also very Watery. Her Pisces sun sign and Queen of Cups confirm this. She is the embodiment of a homemaker, baking bread, dressing up in school plays, and tending to the home and garden in a way she does so naturally. Because I am so familiar with her, I can tip the scales in favor of the Queen of Pentacles.

This luxury would not be possible during a Tarot reading. How can we resolve this paradox?

We don’t in many ways. My father is an Air sign. If I were to do a Tarot reading or one for him, I would expect him to be either a King or a Queen. His astrological sun sign does not make up his personality. Your natal chart is more than just your sun sign. The astrological sign that is associated with the King can be used to assess the King’s appearance in Tarot readings. You may be able find more information about the spread depending on his personality from the cards around him. To get a deeper understanding of his personality, you could pull separate Tarot cards.

You don’t have to worry about it at the moment. It is important to bring the Tarot Court Cards into your life in a way you can relate to. It’s a bit like creating a photo collage of The Tarot Court Card Cards and your family. Once you can see how your Tarot Court Card Family looks, you will be able to quickly get to know them.

It is possible to explore different personality types together. My mother is the Queen Of Pentacles. However, she could also be the Queen Of Cups if we take a look at her again. She is smart and quick-witted. Sound like the Queen Of Swords. She is also incredibly creative and has an unrivalled energy when she’s fired up. Queen Of Wands She can be any of these queens and so can I. Comparing her personality to the Tarot Queens allowed me to understand their attributes in a way that I could relate to. This brought them and the other Tarot Court Cards to life.


The court cards can be difficult to understand when you’re learning tarot. This article will help you to see the human side behind the court cards. It’s helpful to view the cards in their hierarchal groups to see other attributes. These posts will show you how the court cards can be used to represent people, events, and inner processes. This will help you understand the wide range of meanings that this group of tarot characters has.


The Quest Tarot was created by Joseph Ernest Martin.