Are you curious about the many tarot spreads available? Are they a keeper or a lemon? You too. Let’s give them a spin and see what happens!

Each month I will pick a tarot spread from a book or the internet and give it a try. I will take a look at the engine, and let you know how it works. No haggling necessary. Are you ready to go? Let’s go!

This month’s Tarot Spread: Grow Model Tarot Spread by Tarot Elements

Tarot Element is a website that teaches tarot. It was created by Catherine Chapman. Many tarot enthusiasts love this website for its free tutorials and extensive tarot database.

She recently posted a new spread, which I have been playing with. It’s called the Growth Model Tarot Spread, and it’s based upon a life coach tool that helps people achieve their goals.

“Grow” stands for Goals. Reality. Options. Way forward.

Catherine’s spread is based upon these positions (placed in a straight line, left to right).

Goals/Fire is what you want. 
Options/Water: These are the options that can help you reach your goals. 
Way Forward/Air — this is how much motivation it takes to get there!

Let’s try this spread!

My question What do I need to learn about my goal to pay off my mortgage in two years (fifteen year early – hoola! )?

These are the cards I chose

Goals The Hermit 
Reality: The Emperor 
Options: Eight Of Swords 
The Way Forward: Justice

My interpretation of

Goal ultimately, what I want as I age is security and peace. As the Hermit in the card, I will be able to withdraw from the world and not need to work as hard. It will provide me with peace and quiet. The best part about owning a house is that I can choose how I live.

Reality The Emperor Is the Mr. The deck contains a discipline card. This dude has a solid structure and he ALWAYS achieves his goals. This card shows me that I’m well on my path to making this happen. I have the structure and the mountain behind me. Plus? Hella focus + determination at my fingertips! Yeah baby!

Options Here the figure is tied up, and the first thing to come to mind is tightening your belt. Yep. Budgeting is good. You know me, I’m the coupon queen here. I can assure you that budgeting is happening. This is a reminder to me that I can achieve my goal by sticking to a budget.

The Way Forward: I can only keep going on the same path I’m on and make sound financial decisions. Paying your dues brings justice. As long as I am alert, focused, and aware of my choices, everything will work out.

BAM! Encouraging, helpful, simple.

This spread is simple, useful, and can give you insight that could help you reach your goals.

Chapman also offers an advanced option, which allows you to add a lot more cards. Let’s see how this works:

Goal The Hermit, Death, and Page of Coins 
Reality: The Emperor Ten of Coins Six of Cups 
Options Eight of Swords and Five of Coins, Ten Of Swords 
The Way Forward:Justice Knight of Swords Seven of Cups

My interpretation:

Goal The Hermit Death Page of Coins: I am sure that this is a worthy goal. This will bring me greater security and peace of mind. It will also make a significant change in my financial situation. Instead of having to pay a mortgage, it is possible to choose investment options that will increase my future security.

Reality: The Emperor is Ten of Coins and Six of Cups! This is a wonderful combination! I not only have the structure, but I also have the resources and the support of my partner. Both of us are fully committed to the goal and contribute to making it happen.

Options Eight Swords, Five Coins, Ten Swords: These are some grim cards. This is a clear indication that magic is not going to work to make it happen. This requires sacrifice and the willingness to let go of other things. There is no quick fix, and there are no big lottery wins. I have to be realistic and continue pushing forward.

Way Forward: Justice Knight of Swords Seven of Cups: Once again, it is important to make mindful decisions and stay focused on the end goal. I must not allow myself to be distracted by the glittery stuff that could tempt me into sacrificing my budget. This takes a lot of discipline, but I am certain I will blow it.

The simple version is my favorite, but I prefer the more complicated one. It was richer and offered more detail. I found the Options section to be very useful. Knowing that there is no magic bullet only reinforces my resolve to continue to be the coupon queen till my goal. Ha ha!

Catherine suggests that you write your goals in a notebook and include any insights from the spread. This is a great idea as you can easily revisit your goals and use it to inspire you to get to the end.