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Tarot deck: The Good Tarot by Colette Barron-Reid, published by Hay House Inc

The shape of the fan that Spanish women use in the summer heat is well-known to all. This shape is called an arc or a curve. To create the fan shape, hold the deck in either one or both of your hands and spread them out. Although it is messy and does not separate cards well, this works well when space is limited and cards cannot be laid in straight lines like the Linear Draw.


Linear draw tarot card shuffle

Tarot deck: The Good Tarot by Colette Barron-Reid, published by Hay House Inc

You can take your deck, a table, a floor, a (made) bed, or any other surface and simply tease it. This creates a long line, which I call the Linear Draw. This line of cards is often seen on free reading apps and websites. Your line will not be as straight as a digital one. But that’s okay. The goal of the linear draw is to feel for each card so you can choose them for your tarot interpretation. The interactive nature of this method can make your reading more engaging and give you a sense of credibility due to the way you selected your cards.


tarot card shuffle corgi mix

Tarot: Cosmic Tarot published by AGMuller by Norbert Losche

The Corgi Shuffle is a fun and easy way to’shuffle your tarot cards. The Corgi shuffle is a simple way to mix up the cards and randomly arrange them in front of your eyes. If you want to mix the cards properly, you will need a large surface. Once you are satisfied that all your cards have been thoroughly mixed, spread them as evenly as possible and then choose your individual tarot card for your reading.

The Corgi Shuffle creates a tarot card deck with reversed cards. If you prefer your cards standing up, this method might not work for you.

It’s always impressive to see someone play a set of cards. However, I implore of you to not riffle your #tarot card decks! CLICK TO TWEET


It’s always impressive to see someone play a set of cards in a casino setting. However, I urge you to not riffle your tarot card decks! Casinos are constantly using new decks because they quickly wear out and the riffle can cause irreparable damage to your beloved deck. This is what I have seen tarot readers do and it makes my skin squirm. Poor deck! If it hadn’t been riffled frequently, my 1971 vintage Rider Rider wouldn’t be in such a great condition. Don’t try to impress anyone by your riffling skills or your tarot deck. Instead, save it for card night with a 52-card playing deck.


A tarot card deck can be modified to suit your needs by removing an excessively large border. This has been done with several of my tarot cards, and it was mostly successful. Although it may sound scary, trimming a deck of tarot cards to fit your hands is an enjoyable task. You will need to be precise and take your time. To trim 78 cards with four edges and four corners, you will need to have the right tools and equipment. A guillotine, rotary trimmer or scissors are better than scissors. Corner rounders are essential because it can cut the right size corners.

Because trimming the borders of the cards was difficult, I destroyed the Tarot of the Sidhe as well as the Golden Dawn Magical Tarot. The Medieval Enchantment and DruidCraft Tarot were easy to trim. After trimming, both of these decks were much more usable and are now in my top five tarot decks.

Is there a better way to shuffle your tarot cards? Do you prefer to use a specific ritual before reading your tarot card? Please leave your comments below.