I love Atypical Tarot and recently discovered Astral Lady Tarot. This was great fun to watch.

Here are my responses to the #13TarotTubeQuestions.

1. Which are your favourite videos?

Group discussions are when TarotTubers meet up to discuss a topic. For example, Three Fat Readers, with Lisa Papez from Supportive Tarot and Dani Mystic. Or the Three Girls One Deck series, with Juli from Peekaboorose and Sarah of Sunset Bough Tarot.

Also, I enjoy listening to candid conversations where people share their experiences with the Tarot community.

Remember those blurry, dimly lit midnight rants or unfiltered ramblings that people posted on YouTube in the early 2000s. Yeah. Those are my favorite. These were my favorites.

2. Which are your favourite videos to film?

It’s not a great time to ask me this question. I feel confused and indifferent about uploading videos to YouTube.

At the moment, I am more interested in supporting others on TarotTube. I like being a lurker in TarotTube. =)

3. Which are your least favourite videos?

Hmm. Since I don’t watch negative-watch, I am not sure. If it’s not something I am interested in or if I feel that it will be unproductive, I don’t watch it. I move on.

There is no one theme or topic that I dislike in general. You know, it’s about each case.

4. Which part of the Tarot community is your favorite?

My closest friends in real life are from the Tarot community. These are my friends. These are my people.

I love the way that the tarot community is generally supportive of independent artists. They are great at supporting artists, giving them platforms and showcasing their work, and being generous with their time.

5. Which part of the Tarot community is your least favourite?

They lose their humanity and the tarot community becomes an organized mob.

6. What inspired you to create your channel?

It was 2014, right before Holistic Trot would debut. I met with North Atlantic Books’ PR representative in person. We were sitting in a conference area at their Berkeley office. I was asked by the PR person, “Have your thoughts about starting a YouTube Channel?”

That’s how I started.

7. Which Youtuber inspires you the most?

Thorn McMooney and Jack Chanek are my favorite YouTube channels. I love the book reviews and other bits and bobs about Foolish Fish. To name a few, I have also been looking at ScholarBot and Soaring.

8. What is the number one thing you would change in the Youtube Tarot community

This is not how I roll. I wouldn’t change one thing about the Youtube Tarot Community. It is what it is. It’s okay to accept it as it is.

9. The number one advice for new creators/people starting a channel is:

Participate in hashtag-related activities in the tarot community or create videos that include keywords that tarot fans are most likely to search for.

This is how we tarot lovers can find you. =)

10. What do you love about Youtube?

That’s what I am referring to. You won’t find a better video tutorial showing you how to repair the plumbing beneath your bathroom sink. A licensed counselor will teach you about Psychopathology. Learn digital painting techniques by yourself See what’s happening around the globe? Find out about religions that I have never heard of. Crochet a beanie cap? Learn how to read Middle Egyptian hieroglyphics by taking hieroglyphics classes For beginners, book binding

YouTubers who post video tutorials have helped me improve my skills in all areas of life.

11. What’s a deck/ divination device you can use by yourself but not show off or use online?

Although I may not have shown any actual readings, or filmed myself using certain divination tools for real, I’ve definitely talked aboutthose methods. Like Jiao bei Moon Blocks.

Are you a member of I Ching? Can’t remember. You’ll likely see more of it going forward, with Book 3, I Ching and The Oracle coming out.

12. What deck do you want, but can’t afford to buy?

The question is as written: There is no deck that I want to purchase but will not because I don’t support its creators or publishers.

13. Which was your most memorable experience as a member of TarotTube’s team?

The people with whom I have become close friends are the most memorable. The most memorable moments are the ones I can identify. The one-on-1 and heart-to–heart conversations.