– 120 pounds, 5 feet, 4 inches, and convinced that I was fat and ugly.

– I am a suuuuuper girlie, but I was convinced I would go to hell forever if anyone told me.

I love going back to school. I loved school, and I was miserable in it. Here’s Cynova high school.

– Completely uncomfortable at all times

– 120 pounds, 5 feet, 4 inches, and convinced that I was fat and ugly.

– I am a suuuuuper girlie, but I was convinced I would go to hell forever if anyone told me.

– I was smart and encouraged to conceal it in order to find a man

– I was encouraged to marry someone whose family owned land so that I wouldn’t have to spend money on college.

You can see that I have grown so much and haven’t changed in a long time. I still like girls, Joan Jett is still my favorite, and I’m still very smart. I also have a great ability to avoid doing things I don’t really want to.

Junior high and high school are difficult to escape unless you homeschool, which can be hard.

These are the things you need to remember about your next few years. This is also true for grownups.

1. You owe them nothing but respect. That’s it.

2. You only go to school with them if your parents are of the same income as you, or if they have bused people in from other districts.

3. Your school is home to many queerdos, nerds, and other students. Look for the other. Congregate. Recognize the insignias. Trans flags, rainbows, and anime characters are all recognized.

4. Pay attention to the little guys. You need to make sure that they are okay.

5. Don’t be afraid, even if you’re a small guy, to speak up for yourself when you feel threatened or scared. Contact the counselor. Tell everyone. Scream “Don’t Failing To Touch Me!” at the tops of your lungs. They’re going to do what? They will intimidate you twice.

6. You can be as bold or as secure as you like. Are you afraid to speak up? Keep it straight in school. Are you tired of being called names? You can shout it loud. Because of everything you’ve experienced, you are stronger than them. You can feel compassion and fury for hours.

Remember who you are. You’re here for a reason and have a divine purpose. If your purpose is to knock someone’s knees off their feet, then so be it.

Make sure you are there first.

Love, light, and unicorn farts.

Hey, nerds.

Yesterday, I was brushing my teeth when I noticed that I was being surrounded by magicalspells. It sounds absurd, but it’s true. We’re going to explain. This is #kitchentablemagic.

It’s a little bit of dirty bathroom magic but who doesn’t love things slightly messy?

Bathroom Magic (look at the picture of me!) )

Verbal reinforcement of love between partners. Joe and me are so in love that we’re obnoxious about each other. You can just relax because I won’t stop talking about it.

The Fool print taken from Shadowscapes Tarot deck by Stephanie Pui Mu Law. It is something I look at every day. I remind myself that I am on right side of dirt and that the world is conspiring with me to bring me ninja-like blessings. Even if I only glance at it, I feel inspired.

Two snails in tandem. One time, I took our snail toothbrush holders apart as if they were racing. Joe put them back together the next day. Symbols are very important.

She couldn’t wait to use a marker so she used a postit. When I feel love, I move. It is my passion. To further your thought of love, use a Post-it. Words are spell – magic.

Dragonfly hanging matterer by Mark. It makes me happy.

Labradorite necklace by Lori Lytle. I sent it to her the day after she posted it and she replied DIBS. Yesterday, she told me that this is the first time she has ever seen someone like it. Last weekend, I heard that Kevin had never met anyone like me.

Labradorite also enhances your You-ness. It’s my idea to build a fort. Here is the link to Lori’s website https://innergoddesstarot.com

Wee pentacle by Aidan Wachter. Aidan is a magician and author. He was also a former silversmith. He is also one of my magic teachers. These are some of my favourite magic books. I was fortunate enough to obtain two of his pieces. This pentacle and my wedding band. This pentacle was the inspiration for my book Tarot Elements. Tarot Elements Autographed book

Tattoos. To match my outsides. Tattoos are a big deal. Some religions include tattoos. Each of these were chosen by me as protection, reminder, joy-enhancer one of my tattoos contains a typo I keep to remind myself to pay attention.

No Ragrets.

Black cat. Obvs. Luna, thank you for your stalker-like attentions. These have been taken into consideration, and you are now an OVER-familiar with this witch.

Wonder Woman balloon. Keep your heroes close at hand. Place little altars all around. This one is from Lynda Goddamned Carter, my sweetheart.

Use these reusable face wipes with witch hazel for a clean, fresh look. Each swipe removes something I don’t use and leaves me clean, shiny, and fresh.

Iconic Bewbs.

So now that you understand that everything is magic and that you are part in everything, you can go get my stuff.

I have a brand new bundle I think you will love.

It’s called I Read You. You Read Me.

Signed Book Plus Reading Bundle

You can purchase KTM and KTT to get a signed (not vandalized). A tarot reading, or magic lesson.

I hope that you are all tender and kind to yourself.

The gray will be able to push back a little every day by finding magic in small ways. I promise.