“I was impressed by Hilary’s accuracy in her reading. I was able to get back to her quickly. Her interpretations of the cards to answer my questions were not only accurate, but also deep and multi-dimensional. Because all my interactions with her were via email, this is important to me. She was able to discern the deepest layers of my reading, and bring them forward intuitively. This is what makes a reader different from a gifted intuitive. The intuitive uses her abilities to create a metaphysical tapestry from the most relevant meanings of the cards. She then communicates or articulates these discoveries in a way that is easily understood by the querent. Without hesitation, I recommend Hilary Donna L. Faber Artist & Writer.

Hilary Parry is the first person I think of when I ask for recommendations. Hilary is a great reader. She’s honest and accurate, but she’s also kind and optimistic. She is a friendly and approachable person who lifts spirits. She is an expert in the Tarot and can easily explain it to those unfamiliar with it, as well as broadening perspectives for more experienced readers. You can find her ‘Card of the Day” and her innovative ‘Clock spread here (ask to be named! ), Hilary turns Tarot into a rewarding, eye-opening and inspirational journey of spiritual and self-empowerment.”–Courtney Weber, tarot reader and co-creator of Tarot of the Boroughs,

“My first reading with Hilary was also my very first tarot reading. Although I didn’t know what to expect from her, she made me feel at ease by explaining the process and her method of reading. She went through each card carefully, explaining the meanings of both traditional tarot and her own intuition. Her readings were very accurate in predicting future and past events. One reading showed that she correctly predicted my job offer and the identity the person who would be helping me to get it. Hilary’s tarot readings are like talking to an old friend. With humor and grace, she tells it as it is. She also offers great advice on how to put the lessons you have learned from your reading to best use in your daily life. Anyone .”–Lorraine Klimowich Editor, I highly recommend a reading with Hilary.

Hilary is friendly and open to receiving readings. Hilary was open and honest, and her interpretations were clear. You should have all your questions ready before you start your !”–M.B. reading.

“I feel more confident about my instincts after my reading with you. It is comforting to know that, should any conflicts arise, there will be someone I can trust to help me. Your affinity for Tarot is evident, as well as for interfacing with people Melissa R.

“Hilary was very clear about the meaning of the cards. After having a reading with Hilary, I feel more prepared for some of the events ahead. Hilary is a great person to work with. The card interpretation was very accurate .”–Lisa M. I believe it was very close.

“After reading your book, I noticed a shift in the clarity of my thoughts and more confidence with my instincts. I felt at ease with you. Your honesty and integrity impressed me. It was as if you truly wanted to help me. I made a decision that I had been putting off. It gave me confidence in certain areas of my future. Your reading services are exceptional and I would highly recommend them. Your services were excellent. You were absolutely amazing.

“We had some hesitations before booking Hilary. . . We wanted a reader who was focused on their work and didn’t have a lot of bells and whistles. Someone who was both straight-forward but also fun. Hilary is an intelligent, articulate, straight-forward reader. Hilary clearly cares about her craft, and strives to provide the best experience possible for her clients. It’s so down-to-earth. . . so personable . . . It was so much fun! Her communication was so positive that I felt I understood what she meant right away. After reading with Hilary, it was a time when I felt calm and in control. It’s almost like I am finally able to acknowledge what I knew. . . It’s a confirmation. It’s like weeding out all the BS from my life. (Can you say that?) She is a great person and I highly recommend her. . . We are so excited to have her back! No matter what our ‘wanted’ or ‘needed’, her readings were honest and truthful. She was not afraid to get straight to the point. She was a true professional, and she made us feel at ease within minutes of our first meeting! It was like we knew her for years. We are so excited to have Hilary back, and hope to continue working with her for many more years !”–Amy G.

“Book Hilary without hesitation: We’ve been to her for readings before and will continue to do so. It is amazing to see how readings change with the passage of time. Every reading brings me more meaning and purpose. Hilary is a great person! She’s approachable, funny and extremely gifted in her field. Group readings have been a tradition in our family, so it is a great excuse for my friends and I to get together. Your readings also give us that extra push we need to make difficult decisions. You are a great resource. Although we’ve had readings in the past with Hilary, we now rely on her services exclusively. She is a pro! We appreciate everything, and we hope to see you again !”–Amy G.

“I have been a Hilary’s client since 2015. Every reading has left me feeling clear, purposeful, and determined to take no prisoners. Hilary is a professional and respectful worker. She is a great teacher and has helped me to read many wonderful books. Hilary is the best! She is the real deal .”–Amy G.

“The reading confirmed my feelings and made me more optimistic about the future. Your readings are so entertaining. I feel like I’m speaking to myself.

Your readings were so helpful to me! I learn something new every time about cards and other mystical topics. Your books are amazing and we always end up purchasing a copy. You’re straight to the point, and you have a lot of fun! You don’t take any chances and talk to people. You are !”–LH

“I have already recommended you to others because you were able, without me telling, to accurately read my cards. Your ability to pinpoint the details is a great asset. My situation has been easier to manage since I read with you. I have regained faith in the supernatural. Amazing Diane Jones

“I wanted a tarot reader at my family party. I had to make sure Hilary was the right reader. She was perfect after my test reading. She was a huge success at the party! Hilary has given me several readings. They helped me to find a forgotten passion in my life and allowed me to reconnect with it. I’m now actively seeking new career opportunities. Hilary approaches her work honestly, with integrity, and with humor. Thank you Hilary… It was a pleasure to meet you !”–Ruth.

Hilary is a great host for parties. Her reliability and ease of use make her a great partner. After reading her .”–Anonymous, I noticed a greater sense of positivity in my life.

“I hesitated at first about having a reading with Hilary because I was afraid it might affect my faith beliefs. After working with Hilary, I came to realize that my life is really going well. She is precise and willing to go above and beyond for her clients .”–Jessica T.

“Hilary’s Tarot reading was clear and concise, but she also delivered the information in a friendly and supportive manner. She truly cared about my interests. I can honestly say that I feel optimistic, validated and inspired to pursue my dreams. Hilary is a gifted psychic and has the ability to empower clients. I highly recommend her readings. I cannot wait to get my next reading .”–Grace

“I just wanted to let you all know that I have just listened to the CD of the reading you gave me a few weeks ago. I believe I have been resisting the message of the reading for so long that it has been difficult to hear. . . But, having listened to it now I want to let you know how accurate it is. . . Your interpretation of the cards is very much appreciated. You are a good healer !”–S.L.

“This woman is gifted. She has been a great help to me when I needed guidance. Thanks Hilary for your amazing gift Amy

Hilary, thank you so much for the amazing reading! Your intelligence and intelligence are amazing. It’s amazing how quickly you can understand and put things in perspective. It’s not something that is easily available to everyone. You are a gifted communicator who can explain complicated things clearly and concisely. You are a professional, and I see it as a way to express my feelings Vanessa

“At first I was skeptical about any kind of tarot reading. It seemed like a lot of bullshit nonsense to me. The accuracy of my reading was astonishing after I received it. I was not able to gain much insight into my life at that time. The three-card spread dealt with my past, present and future. I was pleasantly surprised at the accuracy and thoughtfulness. You would be crazy not to get a reading of the tarot from Hilary. Even the most skeptical person will be amazed .”–Dave

“Hilary Parry is a wonderful tarot card reader/interpreter. Her prompt and satisfying response was a huge plus. Hilary was requested to return the next evening by many of my friends who wanted a reading. Without any doubt, I will be calling Hilary for a reading. It makes me feel relaxed, refreshed, and satisfied. Thanks, Hilary, to the confidence that you radiate .”–M.L. Walker

“Hilary is kind, caring, skilled, and detail-oriented. She excels at all tasks she takes on, both personal and professional. Hilary’s outstanding work in publishing, her cheerful and helpful retail guidance, as well as her sensitive practice in tarot-reading, has been evident to me. She is a great choice for any project that she feels is appropriate .”–Lisa H.

Hilary and I had a ‘work’ relationship during Third Friday. It was not work but the creative enthusiasm that made Hilary stand out. Every event had a theme and Hilary was always ready to help make it exciting, entertaining and interactive. Hilary takes her job seriously but, thankfully, she also enjoys making it come alive .”–Jenifer Ros, Owner, W@tercooler

“Hilary, a trusted and gifted tarot reader, is an asset to our community. She provides accurate readings and premonitions regarding what I need. I not only listen to her advice but also reflect back on it many months later to see how it applies to my life. She is a warm and witty tarot reader, which you will find very helpful Catherine Chen

“I have to recommend the tarot reading skills of Hilary Parry, she is awesome, go see this woman now!”–George Courtney, astrologer, photographer, and co-creator of Tarot of the Boroughs, www.tarotoftheboroughs.com

“I wanted to thank again you for the reading that you gave me yesterday. It really helped me to see things from a different perspective and to be more aware of where I am in relation to certain aspects of my life. I see the Ace of Swords still and continue to think about its meaning for me, and how to move forward. . . The reading provided me with great guidance and advice. It has helped me relax. . . I cannot wait to be read !”–Liz again.

“I hesitated to buy a reading because it was not something I thought would be worthwhile. I was able to focus on what I already knew and take action after the reading. Hilary was patient and amazing, answering all of my questions before and after the reading. I have started to take steps to improve my life and the reading was the catalyst that got me going. Hilary is warm and helpful and explains how the cards interact to convey their message. It’s worth a shot! Hilary is available to help you, even if you don’t know what questions to ask or don’t think you have any. “Rebeccah S.

“I would not hesitate to buy a reading from Hilary. She is my trusted tarot adviser! Hilary, your readings are clear and concise. Your readings are always informative and on point. After readings, I have noticed that I am more open to the situations I ask about. Yes, Hilary is a good tarot reader Meredith Popp.

I appreciate Hilary’s clear responses. My work with her has allowed me to gain more insight into and solved problems. I am now more focused on the details of some things we discussed. I appreciate her direct and honest manner and willingness to help. There is no b.s. I need to be reminded of my creative potential and get advice. Hilary is a great person to read with. People should be prepared for you being very direct. Your services .”–Anna P. are a great choice for a clear reading and straight-forward advice.