I’m open to the idea of reincarnation. Although I believe that we all have past lives, my past life analysis is based on the native’s natal chart.

It shows the past life with the greatest influence on the current life karma. This is how I read it. Your subconscious, your instincts, and innate talents are based on your past lives. Only by balancing and reconciling your past life karma can you free yourself from the chains of past life karma.

The Moon, and Who You Once Were

Past life astrology is a focus on the moon. This is partly because it represents our subconscious and latent memories. It is a symbol of spirit remnants from another time and thus reveals where we are from. It is the first link that I consider when doing a past-life reading. All aspects of the natal moon’s positioning and correspondences are taken into consideration, including house, sign, aspects, and conjunctions. I am the moon.

The moon is your first portal into your subconscious. From there, we can connect to the personal unconscious and retrieve information about our past lives.

The South Lunar Node, and Karmic Baggage

The southern node can be used to determine karmic remnants that have been left over from the past and must now be addressed in this life. The southern node is where I attempt to discern what might have been suppressed in the present life because of what was not addressed or accounted for in the previous life.

Both the northern and south nodes can give us a sense about destiny and abilities that have been passed down from one generation to another.

What is close to your south lunar nude? What are the key angular elements that your south node is linked to? As an astrologer, the south node is a combination of past life analysis and shadow work. You will also be able to see aspects of your inner child that were affected by your past lives.

The Fourth House: How Karma Shaped Your Childhood

The House 4 provides insight into certain memories that are important to the karma for the present. It connects your past life to your present life childhood.

The house of your soul is located in the fourth house. Traditional astrology interprets the fourth house as indicating two distinct life components. The fourth house is a sign of your childhood, home, social status, and family. However, the astrologists of the fifteenth and fourteenth centuries also talked about it as a sign of the end of life, mystical issues, and your connection to the beyond the darkness veil. This is one of the houses you should consider when looking for occult information.

This dual interpretation approach is not contradictory to me. Instead, I see it more as a collection of voices trying to express one idea–that maybe fourth-house activities have some bearings on the journey and can provide insight into previous lives. It is related to our karmic account and the karma that we bring into this present life.

As I mentioned earlier, you can find aspects of your past and your soul purpose here. This also applies to matters related to your roots or heritage. Your tenth and fourth houses are directly linked to your higher purpose, glory and professional potential. So your childhood experiences, as well as your past lives, will determine your career path and social status in life.

The Eighth House: Transformation, Rebirth

The eighth house is traditionally associated with occult or mystical matters. The eighth house, also known as the house of death, rebirth and the estates we inherit can help to reveal the nexus or connection between our past lives incarnations and our present lives. It can help us see the point at which the past ends and the present begins. It is the place of death and rebirth.

Your natal chart is not just one layer. It’s a collection of layers that are superimposed on top of each other. The moon, fourth and eighth houses all have one meaning. This is because we only look at one layer of your chart when we analyze it for the issues you are facing. We are looking at the exact same chart but a different layer if we look at the natal chart with transits or progressions.

Past life astrology examines the implications of celestial activity in your chart. The eighth house of a chart can show you which aspects of the past have influenced your present. These are karmic lessons that you must confront, defeat and learn from.

The Twelfth House – Trials and the Hidden Self

House 12 depicts the personal trials that were experienced in the past and how they have an impact on the present.

In simple natal astrology, the twelfth place is often used to signify some of your greatest obstacles or personal weaknesses.

The twelfth House in past life astrology is used to determine karmic debt. This basically reflects what baggage you have brought with you into your current life. We are only looking at one past life incarnation. This is the one that has the most impact on your current life’s karma. This is the past life that appears to have the most unfinished business. We will examine that unfinished business here, in the twelfth place.

Past Life Astrology

I have been able to offer past-life astrology readings, and they have proven very useful, regardless of whether or not you believe in reincarnation. This narrative is fascinating to read and think about how it might relate to your current life circumstances. It is a unique story that you can tell, and the ending is your own.