Introduction to the theme of the website and the way we get traffic

We are a professional astrology and its knowledge introduction website, where you can see a lot of professional knowledge about astrology and tarot cards. You are welcome to make suggestions and communicate with us

Here are our three traffic sources

1、We intend to promote the alliance in  three waywe will use my website  to promote the  Related advertising alliance

2、we plan to Use My Google Ads to promote to get more page views, customers will see the ads and click into it, in order to achieve the goal of drainage promotion Alliance 3, with EMAIL group to promote the alliance, customers see the URL will click, so it is very effective

3、SEO way for the site drainage, get accurate customers through the way of bidding to get more traffic, thus better promotion of the Alliance,We will insert our keywords and related links in the blog posts to get traffic

So our theme is

Joy in life because it gives you the opportunity to love,

Go to work, play, and use the opportunity to look up at the stars.