It’s not surprising that I became a Catholic schoolgirl after growing up with a superstitious grandmother and a Catholic mother. Tarot, astrology, and other intuitive arts were my passion and my entire life.

At age 15 I bought my first Tarot deck and started my career performing readings on my sister. Most of her questions were about the cute guys in class. These things don’t change. Thirty-years later, I have done readings on thousands – from police officers to addicts to mothers to teens with anxiety to new mothers. I am fascinated by the interconnectedness of cause and effect. I want to help people make better decisions and live happier lives

I believe nothing is set in stone, that everything is possible, and that the cards can inspire life-affirming, courageous action. Only if you recognize your intuitive and emotional reactions as a quiet, guiding intelligence.

My 1-on-1 tarot readings will quickly illuminate your current situation, discuss possible outcomes and lay out the roadmap to the future that youdream of. My style is straightforward, direct, and practical. There’s no arcane lingo or astrology. My gifts are shared with both new clients and seasoned Tarot cadets. Psst…I am taking a break from reading Tarot for the general population to focus on my writing career and teaching career. Join my Patreon community for classes ‘n more.)

Many Tarot readers have trouble turning their labor-of love into a sustainable revenue stream. I’ve been a full time Tarot professional my entire life. I love sharing my business-building strategies and social media knowledge with future Tarot readers.

The Tarot Coloring Book, Tarot for Troubled Times, Astrology for Real Life, Twist Your Fate, Manifest Success With Astrology and Tarot, Astrology For Actual Life, Astrology For The Real World, Astrology For The Real You, and Tarot No Questions Asked – Mastering the Art Of Intuitive Tarot reading.

You don’t know what you are talking about? Do you want geographic coordinates and hard facts? You want an impressive list? You got it.

We are grateful for your interest.

Writing and teaching are two of my passions. Because these things are important to me, this is how I can serve and reach as many people in the beautiful world of astrology and tarot.

Also, I am no longer available to do one-on-one projects. Good news! There are many ways you can still access my work

You can sign up for my newsletter if you don’t already. You will be kept informed about my appearances and any special services I offer. If I ever offer tarot readings to the general public again I will let you know via the newsletter, Patreon or AstroBiz Digest.

You can purchase my books. You can find lots of information about astrology and tarot in my writings.

Join my community on Patreon. Extended card of the Day interpretations, astrological tidbits and community tarot practices, political astrology, sneak peeks at ….horoscopes, and more are all available to you. Higher tiers have access to live classes, replays from previous classes, mentoring, etc. It’s all here. You can come and go as you please. It’s all fine.

You can also get text messages (SMS) right to your phone with my new service. You can get astrological forecasts, real time transits + aspects and a daily CREAM Tarot spread. Register at Hey daily to receive 50% off your first month.

I have The AstroBiz Distil for entrepreneurs. This subscription service offers weekly and monthly horoscopes specifically designed for business owners.