Lisa Hunt’s art style is a favorite of mine, with its beautiful details, expressive features and delicate grace. Her watercolor work is simply amazing.

Hunt was a skilled artist in high fantasy and mythology-inspired artworks, so it was a delight to see Hunt take on traditional American landscape painting. You can see the softness and precision of Hunt’s lines in the Eight of Pentacles quilt patterns.

The Pastoral Tarot is a celebration of the idyllic lifestyle of small towns in New England and the Mid-Atlantic. It also includes the countryside of the Mid-West and coastal regions. Each landscape is a scene from Americana, a callback to 20th-century North American culture.

Lynn Araujo’s guidebook is an excellent complement. For instance, read “The full harvest moon glows amber under the twilight sky with the hint that a rabbit is working his lunar magic.” The scene is framed by a pair of weeping willows, one calm and still, the other blowing in evening breeze.

Each painting is captivating. Each painting is captivating.