Compared with the twelve constellations widely accepted by the Chinese, tarot, which was originally a small way of divination, has been increasingly discussed and applied by the public in recent years. It is full of mystery, and the cultural and artistic atmosphere of the card is also unforgettable. how did you know?

Tarot is an ancient western divination tool, which is transliterated from the word TAROT. Along with astrology and Kabbala, it is called the three giants of western divination. Astrology is similar to the Book of Changes and the Eight Characters in China. You can see the overall wealth of our lives. Tarot, like the six divinations in China, belongs to divination. It analyzes and predicts specific people, things and things. The answer is simple and direct. There are many things that can be calculated, such as the development of love, interpersonal relationships, problems encountered in work and study.

There are 78 tarot cards, including 22 large Alcana cards and 56 small Alcana cards (including 16 character cards). There are four elements: fire, earth, water and wind, which respectively correspond to the scepter, gold coin, Holy Grail and sword group.

When it comes to the origin of tarot, there are many explanations. The most popular view is that it originated in northern Italy in the 14-15th century and was originally a card game in the court. Later, the Gypsies used the tarot card as a divination tool and spread it in Europe.

Tarot has three systems: Marseille, Thoth and Waite. In addition, there are many tarot cards created by artists, and even animation and cat tarot cards. It can be said that they are of various types and different images, among which the most popular is the Waittaro card. It was painted by Mr. Waite and Miss Smith. Compared with the abstract Masetaro card and the obscure Thotharo card, the Waitaro card has rich symbolic significance. Even novices can get some information from cards by looking at pictures and talking. Therefore, Waittaro has become the most popular and most popular taro card.