Our Tarot Story

Tarot cards can be traced back to the 14th century. These cards were introduced as playing cards by European artists. These playing cards were categorized into four suits i.e., staves or wands, discs or coins, cups, and swords. Though after a decade or two, in the mid-1400s additional cards that were heavily illustrated were added to these suits.

Tarot card array reflects the stories we have experienced and will experience. ​​​

The fool card comes from the god of wine in Greek mythology.

Bacchus, also known as Dionysus, was the son of Zeus and Semele and was born from the thigh of Zeus. He was named the God of Fruit and the God who planted grapes first.

Dionysus grew up in India. Before long, he traveled all over the country to teach the world how to plant grapes, and asked people to build temples to worship him.

He was generous to his friends, but often gave cruel punishment to those who did not believe that he was God.

His cousin Penthos, the king of Thebes, did not believe him and persecuted his followers. So Bacchus led Penthos into the forest with illusion, and let the female believers tear him to pieces. It was his own mother who first broke Penthos’s arm. The mother also put her son’s head on the cane and walked through the forest happily.

The ancient Greeks celebrated the festival of Dionysus in December and April every year. The way to celebrate it is as follows: at night, women dress up as the maids of Bacchus and come to the dark forest to look for their gods. They wore masks, sang and danced wildly while drinking, indulged in joy, and finally seized an animal, tore it into pieces, and ate pieces of raw meat. In their madness, they regarded animals as the incarnations of gods.

The intense Dionysus activities also led to a beautiful fruit, from which the ancient Greek tragedy was born

These additional cards were created mainly for wealthy families who would often commission them to print their own sets of cards. As a reason, these cards could not be afforded by the masses and were only used by the privileged. It was when the printing press came along these cards could be used by the average game players. The methods of reading a tarot have been changed several times over the past few years. The readers adopted their unique approach to the traditional style. Although the layout of the cards in general mostly remained unchanged.

Today tarot is probably one of the most used sets of tools used for prediction. Tarot cards are a set of cards that uses intuition and understanding to deliver a message, the universe is trying to deliver. It is a deck of 78 cards each with its own symbolism, imagery, and story. Some of these cards represent our karmic and spiritual life lessons and the others are used to reflect on the trials of our daily lives.