The classic Past, Present, Future Tarot Spread is one of the most important tarot spreads that we learn as new Tarot readers. You can find it in almost all Tarot deck companion books. It is also featured in many other tarot book. It’s simple and easy to remember.

This spread can be used to answer any question of any nature. It gives you a lot of insight into your past, present, and future. This is a simple Past, Present and Future Tarot Spread.


This spread is simple enough to be reworked. With a few minor adjustments and additions, it has become a formidable contender in the General Tarot Readings category. It stands out against many highly-regarded tarot spreads.


To represent certain areas of your life, I have included the Four Elements. These elements are well-known. To learn more about them, and how they relate to Tarot, visit my blog The Four Elements & the Tarot Aces.

The Past Present, Future Tarot Spread now has four cards in each position. This allows for a more thorough look at your situation or the situation of your clients.


As the title suggests, the traditional Past, Present, Future Tarot Spread is created by placing the three cards side-by-side. This spread was given a makeover by me. With the Four Elements running across, the positions of the future, past and present are now downwards.

This will give you the present, future and past for every area of your life that the Elements cover. These include your work, relationships, money, and problems.

Let’s look at the Tarot Elements Past Present and Future Spread to get an idea of how it works.

What else is there to be proud of?


Since long, the Major Arcana has been considered the royal family of tarot. They are often referred to as psychological archetypes or phases of our life. They are seen as powerful natural forces and big players. They are the best people to help us through tough times.

The bottom row of cards comes directly from the Major Arcana. One card per element is used to give advice for the future. This is particularly useful if some of the future cards are not favorable. You can get advice from the Major Arcana cards to help you avoid danger or make decisions that will smooth your path.

The Soul Journey Tarot Spread demonstrates how beautiful the messages of the Major Arcana are and why they should be cherished.

Is it necessary to split the decker up in order to do this?

Yes! To get the best out of this spread, you need to actually split the deck. You will need to take your favorite tarot deck, and divide the cards into the Wands Cups , Cups , Swords , and Pentacles. You will now have the Major Arcana, which you must keep aside until the end. Each suit should be shuffled separately, and each position should have one card.

You might deal one card in each of the following positions: one in the Past for Fire, one for the Present for Fire, and one for the Future for Fire. This will result in you having dealt three Wands (or fire cards) in each of the Fire positions. You can do the same for all remaining suits. Take your Major Arcana, and draw four cards in each elemental position starting with Fire.

*This is done to keep the suits, themes and elements relevant to one another. Relationship cards are in the element of relations (Cups, water), etc. If you prefer, you can simply separate the Major Arcana and deal out Minor Arcana as is, into the elemental places. My original method is great, especially when you can see all the suits together.


Although it sounds a lot, once you have tried this spread, you’ll be converted. You won’t even know there are sixteen cards! Each card has its own place, which helps maintain order.

If you like to flow a bit, reading diagonally will allow you to see how past events have affected other areas of your life. This allows you to tell a detailed story and allows the reader to freely move around the spread.

This tarot spread, The Stepping Stones to Success Tarot Reader Method is great for tarot reading. Check it out!

A quick overview and summary of what to do

  1. Take your favorite tarot deck, and divide the cards into their suits.
  2. Each suit should be shuffled separately. Deal one card in each present, future and past position according its element (Wands of Fire, etc.).
  3. Toss the Major Arcana, and deal one card for each elemental position at the bottom of your spread.

You can follow the instructions in any order.

  1. You can read all the cards in every position, past, present, and future starting with the Past (reading across).
  2. All the cards should be read in the elemental position they are located starting with Fire (reading down).
  3. The spread ends with the Major Arcana cards.
  4. To give your clients more information and impress them, you can weave the cards in every direction, incorporating all aspects of their lives into your story.

After an Extreme Makeover, here it is: the Past and Future Tarot Spread style. It’s worth a shot! Let me know how it goes. We’d love to hear from you!