I know. “Praise.” Say, what? What does this Benebell believe she is? It’s a term used by book and publishing professionals. Let’s get started. “Praise” in alphabetical order

“Benebell Wen is an erudite and personable guide to Tarot. It is essential reading for all Tarot students, as well as writers, artists, and anyone who is interested in the secrets of the human psyche. This book will help you if you are already a Tarot expert. This book will teach you everything you need to know about playing cards. Holistic Tarot has been a great resource for me as a poet. It provides insight, strengthens my intuition and helps me develop ideas. This is because the image-based language that Tarot uses takes us beyond our language center and into the unconscious. If you are apprehensive about ‘theoccult,’ remember that the word occult means ‘hidden’. The opposite could be ‘in plain view’ or illuminated’. Wen explains the symbology and how to use the cards in great detail and with great care. This book is a labour of love, and a joy to read.

– Amy Glynn (Greacen), Poet, and Author of A Modern Herbal

The Holistic Tarot has many facets. This book is filled with practical, clear advice for beginners and historical facts. It also contains explanations and scientific theories that will inspire experienced readers. This book is a treasure trove of practical advice that can be relied upon by pragmatic readers, but also provides spiritual nourishment to those who are more spiritually inclined. The book is not only large in length and scope, it is also huge in its content. Benebell Wen, and I have very similar approaches to tarot and different methods of reading cards. It was therefore very inspiring and educational for me to read her book.”

– Anna Klaffinger Creator of the highly-acclaimed Anna K Tarot

Holistic Tarot provides a wealth of information on the cards. The author combines eastern and western traditions to offer readers 800 pages of valuable guidance about how to use the deck. Benebell Wen will undoubtedly be a major contributor to the crown of tarot literature.

Anthony Louis, M.D. Author of Tarot Beyond the Basics – Gain a deeper understanding of the meanings behind the cards and the Tarot plain and simple

“A well-informed, bright recasting of modern Tarot for sophisticated, modern audiences. Wen’s psychological flair is complemented by Eastern wisdom, to show tarots incredible mirroring abilities for “spiritual intelligence.” This is a fine addition to the literature on tarot.

Arthur Rosengarten, Ph.D. Author of Tarot and Psychology – Spectrums of Possibility and Tarot Of The Nine Paths: Advanced Tarot For Spiritual Travelers

“Ms. Wen’s Holistic Tarot presents us with an alchemical breakthrough. This unique approach combines wisdom from both the East and West, contemporary psychology and esoteric Tarot traditions with practical techniques. This ambitious work will inspire and provide food for thought, regardless of whether one agrees or disagrees with it.

Barbara Moore, Author of The Gilded Tarot and The Steampunk Tarot Spreads, Tarot Spreads and Tarot For Beginners.

“Wen views Tarot as a psychological tool that you can use for your own decision-making and self-actualization. She also recommends it to others. Holistic Tarottruly covers many topics in Tarot studies. Wen’s efforts are admirable and Holistic will be a permanent fixture of the Tarot literary canon. Well done.”

Bonnie Cehovet is the author of Tarot and Rituals & You: The Power of Tarot and the Power of Ritual Tarot, Birth Cards and You and Women In Tarot

“Wow. “Wow. This is the best book I’ve ever read on Tarot. Holistic Tarot is the best book to learn how to read Tarot smartly. Holistic Tarot provides a wealth of information, including deep Tarot card meanings and Tarot reading techniques. It also offers intellectual perspectives and a variety of other useful insights. This book is essential reading for any aspiring Tarot reader.

Brigit Esselmont is the author of Tarot Foundations, and The Ultimate Guide To Tarot Card Meanings.

” Holistic Tarot is the best book on the subject we’ve seen in a while. This large, yet user-friendly book contains all the information you need to know about the cards. This book is essential for any Tarot fan!

Chic and Tabatha Zicero are Chief Adepts of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. They are also Authors of more than 20 books including The Golden Dawn Magical Tarot and Essential Golden Dawn.

Benebell Wen is one of our newest tarot voices. She has brought us Holistic Tarot. This comprehensive guide will help you develop your tarot practices. This book is essential for anyone who teaches or studies tarot. Wen offers a fresh, practical view of tarot as a tool to modern living. She also has a thorough understanding of the history and traditions of tarot.

Christiana Gaudet is the author of Tarot Tour Guide & Fortune Stellar

“Benebell Wen’s book is a strong demonstration of how organized and structured people can create from a simple set of Tarot cards. Wen is an excellent student. She takes lots of notes and loves the process of graphing her thoughts. It is not difficult for Wen to find patterns in what appears to be a jumble of shifting influences. These qualities make her an ideal candidate to combine the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot literature and create a practical guidebook for intermediate and beginning students.

“It is a plus that Wen also includes insights from her Chinese/Taiwanese cultural background. Holistic is a fitting title for her broad-based approach. Wen declares Tarot to be a “science” of the mind. She challenges herself to catalog the diverse range of ideas she has collected to create this set of ancient cards. You can see her synthetic approach throughout, combining theories and methods from many perspectives, including physics, magic and Chinese medicine.

“Partisans from one or more subsets of the Tarot family may not feel comfortable with this book, as it is an assemblage that is exclusive to Wen’s east/west exposures. However, western magi have been experimenting with Siberian, Arabic, Egyptian and Chinese practices since the Renaissance. This is easily shown in the Faust legend and the various grades and branches of Masonic studies. This mix of modalities shouldn’t be considered strange or irrelevant when it comes to Tarot. This is particularly true today, with the eagerness of the Chinese market for information about Tarot.

“I believe that this toy/tool is a Western-styled tool and would not be as popular in the east if it didn’t have legitimate points of intersection that could benefit both sides. I enjoyed Wen’s presentation of the 3×3 square (also known as the Lo Shu Square in Chinese), and the Six Faiths, which were all used as subjects to create a spread. These cross-pollinations of cultures can be very enriching, provided that we don’t violate the essence of the Tarot deck while adapting.

Although Wen claims to have written an introduction work, her true beneficiaries will be people who want to turn their interest in Tarot into a profession. Half of the book was written by her students to help them create a service that includes reading Tarot cards. This section includes The Five Components of Circumstance and Assuaging Seekers when a Reading Seems Negative. The Setting of a Tarot reading and Energetic Supplements. Ethical Considerations of the Tarot. Tarot and Love. Tarot and Professional Development. Tarot to Build Resilience. Wen makes sure her students think deeply about the difficult and demanding responsibilities that come with making judgments about others’ lives. To help readers understand how to weave all the variables in a Tarot spread, she also provides many case studies.

“Reviewing Wen’s manuscript made me realize how developed our Art is in the 21st Century, as compared to the bare shelves of bookstores and formulaic texts that I encountered during my 1970’s Tarot awakening. The author did a great job of dispelling the self-defeating clichés and unspoken assumptions that still lurk around the edges Tarot practice. Wen’s older students will be able, with Holistic Tarot in hand, to reduce the novice stage of their study by several years.

Christine Payne-Towler Founder of the Tarot University, Author of Tarot of the Holy Light & The Underground Stream: Esoteric Tarot Revealed