“Praise”? I don’t know. “Praise.” Say, what? Who is this Benebell? This is a term used by people in the publishing and book industry. Here we go. The alphabetical order of “Praise”

Benebell Wen’s erudite and personable guide to Tarot will be essential reading for Tarot students, as well as writers, artists, and anyone who is interested in the mysteries surrounding the human mind. This book will teach you if you are already a Tarot expert. This book will teach you if you have never seen a deck before. Holistic Tarot is indispensable to me as a poet. It has helped me gain insight, strengthen my intuition and develop ideas. This is because the image-based Tarot language bypasses the muddled language center, taking us into the unconscious. If you are put off by the occult, remember that it means hidden, while its opposite is ‘in plain view’ or a ‘illuminated’. Wen illuminates Tarot symbology and uses the cards with great care and depth. This book is a labor-of-love and a pleasure to read.”

– Amy Glynn Glynn, Author and Poet of An Modern Herbal

” Holistic Tarot has many facets. It is full of historical facts and scientific theories, as well as clear and practical advice for beginners. For experienced readers, it offers a wealth of inspiration. The book is both a source of practical wisdom for pragmatists, and soul food for spiritually inclined readers. The book’s substance is as large as its size. Benebell Wen’s book was a great inspiration and education to me.

– Anna Klaffinger Creator of the highly acclaimed Anna K Tarot

” Holistic Tarot” is a veritable dictionary of information on the cards. The author integrates eastern and western tradition to offer readers 800 pages of valuable guidance on how to use the deck. “I have no doubt Benebell Wen’s text will be one of the jewels of tarot literary.”

Anthony Louis, M.D. Author of Tarot Beyond the Basics : Gain a deeper understanding of the meanings behind the cards and Tarot Plain and Simple

A bright, well informed re-casting for sophisticated, modern audiences. Wen’s shrewd, psychological flavor is sprinkled with Eastern wisdom in order to illustrate the tarot’s powerful mirroring effects for “spiritual Intelligence.” Her articulate mastery over the material inspires and forms the foundation for the evolution of cards. “A fine addition to tarot literature.”

Arthur Rosengarten, Ph.D. Author of Tarot and Psychology Spectrums of Possibility and Tarot Nine Paths: Advanced Tarot For the Spiritual Traveler

Between the covers of Holistic tarot Ms. Wen has created a modern alchemical accomplishment. She combines wisdom from East and West with esoteric Tarot traditions, contemporary psychology and practical techniques to create a unique approach. This ambitious work will inspire and stimulate all tarot readers, regardless of whether they agree with her thesis.

Barbara Moore is the author of The Gilded Tarot and The Steampunk Tarot. She has also written Tarot Spreads for Beginners, What Tarot can Do For You, as well as Tarot For Beginners.

“Wen’s Tarot approach is to use it as a tool for self-actualization and decision-making. It can also be read professionally for others. Holistic Tarot is a comprehensive book that covers many aspects of Tarot study. I’m impressed by Wen and think Holisticwill be a permanent fixture of the Tarot literary canon. Well done.”

Bonnie Cehovet is the author of Tarot Rituals & You: The Combination of Tarot and Ritual Power, Tarot Birth Cards and You and Women in Tarot

“Wow. It’s the most comprehensive and intelligent book I’ve ever read on Tarot. Holistic Tarot is the book you should buy if you want to learn how to read Tarot in a smarter way. Holistic Tarot is a comprehensive book that covers Tarot card interpretations, Tarot reading methods, and intellectual perspectives. This book is an absolute must-have for any aspiring Tarot reader.”

Brigit Esselmont is the author of Tarot Foundations, The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings and Tarot Foundations.

Holistic Tarot is one of the most comprehensive books we’ve seen on this subject in a long time. This reader-friendly, hefty book is packed with information about every aspect of the cards. This book is a must-have for any Tarot enthusiast.”

Chic and Tabatha Ciceros, Chief Adepts of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Authors of more than 20 books including The Golden Dawn Magical Tarot and Essential Golden Dawn.

Benebell Wen is one of the new voices in tarot. She has written “Holistic Tarot“, a comprehensive guide to developing your tarot practices. Wen’s new and practical perspective of tarot, as a tool to help us live in the modern world, combined with her thorough understanding of the history and traditions of tarot, makes this a valuable book for students and teachers of tarot.

Christiana Gaudet is the author of Tarot Tour Guide, Fortune Stellar and Tarot Tour Guide.

Benebell Wen’s book is a powerful example of how a person who is organized and systematic can get a lot of sophistication from a pack of Tarot Cards. Wen is an excellent student, the kind of person who enjoys taking copious notes. She has a gift for finding patterns within what at first appears to be a jumble of influences. This makes her an ideal candidate to synthesize Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Literature into a practical guide for beginners and intermediates.

Wen’s background in Chinese/Taiwanese cultures is an added bonus. The title Holistic is a perfect fit for her wide-spectrum of ideas. Wen declares that Tarot is a “science” of the mind. She challenges herself to catalog the multi-cultural spectrum of ideas she has collected to create this ancient set. Her approach is a blend of theories and methods from diverse viewpoints, including physics, Chinese medicine and comparative religion.

“Partisans who are loyal to one or more subsets of the Tarot may not feel comfortable with this book because it is a unique assemblage of Wen’s east/west expositions. Western magi, however, have studied and experimented with Hindu, Arabic and Egyptian practices, as well as Chinese, Siberian and Chinese. The Faust story, and the various branches and levels of Masonic study are good examples. This mixing of modalities is not strange or irrelevant when it comes to Tarot. It is particularly true today, as the Chinese market has a great desire to learn more about Tarot.

“In my opinion this distinctly Western tool and toy would not find such a popular niche in eastern cultural psyche without legitimate points of convergence that benefit both sides.” I was particularly impressed by Wen’s presentation of the Lo Shu Square (also known as the BaGua in Chinese), and the Six Faiths. All were used to create a spread. This type of cross-pollination can be incredibly enriching as long as the Tarot deck is not distorted by the cultural influences.

“Wen claims that she has written an introduction, but the real beneficiaries are those who aspire to turn their fascination with Tarot into a profession. The book’s first half is devoted to helping her students create a business that includes reading Tarot cards, but not necessarily. This section includes chapters on The Five Components of Circumstance; Assuaging Readers When a Tarot reading Seems Negative; The Setting of a Tarot Read and Energetic Supports; Ethical considerations of the Tarot; Tarot and Love. Tarot and Professional Development. Using Tarot for Resilience. The Professional Practice of Tarot. Wen wants her students to be aware of the difficult but important responsibilities that come with interpreting other people’s lives. She offers many case studies that help the reader understand how to integrate all the variables in a Tarot Spread.

Reading Wen’s book made me realize how far our Art has come in the 21st Century, in comparison to the barren bookshelves and formulaic texts that I encountered in my Tarot coming of age in the 1970s. The author does a great job addressing the unspoken cliches and self-defeating assumptions that still lurk around the edges Tarot practice. “With Holistic Tarotin their hands, Wen’s mature students can shorten the novice phase of their study by several years.”

– Christine Payne Towler, Founder of the Tarot University and Author of The Underground Stream: Esoteric Tarot revealed

” Holistic Tarot may be the most comprehensive tarot guide on the market. It is also innovative, combining eastern mysticism and western metaphysics. This impressive book presents a rational, modern approach to tarot while maintaining important elements of tradition. Holistic will be a stimulating and refreshing read for all tarot lovers.”

– Corrine Kenner, Author of Tarot and Astrology; Tarot for Writers and Tarot Journaling. Creator of the Wizards Tarot

This book is a wonderful addition to the corpus of contemporary Tarot explanations. It incorporates an integral model of cultural and psychological archetypes. This beautifully crafted and accessible book is a welcome addition to contemporary Tarot explanations.

– Dai Leon Author of The Origins of the Tarot

“A total revelation. This generous and comprehensive book is a valuable resource for both novices and experienced readers. Benebell Wen explains tarot in a way that is both fascinating and informative. He also teaches readers how to use tarot as a tool for self-discovery.

– Emmi Freds Author of Smart Girl’s Guide To Tarot

This is unlike any personal Tarot I’ve seen before. Benebell’s words and lessons are filled with her soul and heart, and it is easy to connect. I’m not a Tarot reader, but as a medium, I was forced to question my beliefs, just like every reader. This book is a guide to life, waiting for you ask: Is it real? If you keep an open mind and heart, I’m sure you will come to the same conclusion I did: “Yes!”

– James Griffiths is a Resident Psychic and Spiritualist Medium at Newsquest

This book will become a classic in the Tarot world. The book contains a wealth information, including spreads, card meanings, methodology and a set of theories on how Tarot works. Its greatest gift, however, is its gentle guidance in using the cards to help you find the answers you need to create the future that you want.

James Ricklef is the author of The Soul’s Journey, Tarot Tells The Tale, and Tarot: The Whole Story.

Holistic Tarot offers a comprehensive, intelligent and insightful overview of the Rider Waite Smith tarot system. This is the one guide you will need to understand the depth and variety of traditional tarot, as the medicine and the medium for life navigation in a revolution world. Bravo!”

James Wanless Ph.D. Author of Voyager Tarot Cards and Sustain yourself Cards

Holistic Tarot is a beautiful dance between traditional knowledge and self-generated creativity. Wen’s book is a valuable resource for both beginners and experienced tarot enthusiasts. It’s full of sound advice, insightful process, spreads for every occasion, and real-life example. “The focus on becoming a practitioner rather than a reader, and using the cards creatively to promote breakthroughs and solutions will help the tarot move from the dusty old world of fortune-telling and into the new air of 21st Century strategic living.”

– James Wells Evolutionary Tarot Consultant, Author of Evolutionary Tarot spreads, Tarot Circle Encounters and Tarot For Manifestation

“I have well over 200 Tarot titles, but none of them can be considered a Tarot Bible. That is until I read Benebell Wen’s Holistic Tarot. The author does not believe in fortunetelling or future-telling. Instead, she offers an alternative approach to Tarot books that is holistic and analytical, showing readers how they can bring unconscious information into the foreground and decode universal symbolism in order to find conscious and creative solutions to all kinds of life situations. Ms. Wen’s attention to detail coupled with broad-based application–all infused with Eastern thought, Western esotericism and practical experience–is staggering: clever mnemonics, extensive charts, sample logs, templates, multiple spread deconstructions/explanations, Depth Diagnostics, numerous case studies, Pythagorean numerology, astrological considerations, Golden Dawn attributions, elemental affinities, an innovative Five Components of Circumstance layout…truly jaw-dropping. You’ve always wanted to see a picture of the Kabbalistic tree of life with Tarot card assignments. You’ll find it here. How about a decan mandala and an illustration that shows the card’s symbolism at a glance? You got it. You can see how I call this the ‘Tarot Bible.’ It has so many features, including extensive keywords (upright or reversed), advice on professional reading, and instructions for shuffling. “It’s hard to impress the Queen of Swords but Holistic Tarot has me truly and enthusiastically impressed.”

Janet Boyer is the author of Back in Time Tarot (also known as Naked Tarot), 365 Tarot Daily Affirmations, and 365 Tarot. She has been a book reviewer for Amazon Hall of Fame.

The Holistic Tarot is a powerful tool that will help you to experience the depth and breadth of the tarot as it touches on many different aspects of human experience.

Janina Renée is the author of Tarot, Your Everyday Guide as well as Tarot For A New Generation

” Holistic Tarot Is a Library Asset. It gives the practitioner a great opportunity to learn Tarot vocabulary, and gain insight into how to use the Tarot effectively. The seeker is given food for thought in order to make good decisions.

– Jenine Esco is the manager of Free Tarot Network as well as Free Reading Network

“Tarot can do so much more than just divine the future. It is a system capable of doing so much else. Benebell Wen helps the reader to see this self-development tool as it is: A map that can help one to better understand themselves. Benebell Wen’s writing style is geared towards a wide range of readers, including those who are new to Tarot and its use as a tool for personal development. Holistic Tarot offers a generous guide for anyone who is interested in creating their future by delving deep into the mystery of the moment. “I highly recommend this book.”

– Jenna Matlin Author of Travel Tarot

” Holistic Tarot brings so much tarot wisdom and knowledge together in one place. The book is full of useful techniques while still honoring the spirit of Tarot. Each case study is an interpretation gem. A huge accomplishment…likely to become the essential guidebook for serious students of the tarot.”

– Joan Bunning is the author of Learning the Tarot, A Tarot Book For Beginners, Learning Tarot Reversals and Learning Tarot spreads

” Holistic Tarot Is a Modern Masterwork in the Analytical Tarot Canon. Holistic Tarot is a work of great depth and scope. I’ve long wanted a book that explored in depth the possibilities of Tarot as a tool for self-analysis. The most important questions that we as humans can ask are: Who are we, and where do we fit in the world? Holistic tarot provides a solid framework for exploring these questions. Wen’s works will be able to sit on the shelf with those of Stuart R. Kaplan and Mary Greer as well as Rachel Pollack.

– Kat Black is the creator of the Golden Tarot , the Touchstone Tarot and the Golden Tarot .

” Holistic Tarot was the book I wished I had when I picked up my first Tarot deck. This book is full of valuable information, and is fast becoming my favorite Tarot resource. Benebell’s approach is grounded and empowering and she explains everything in a way that anyone can understand.

Katie The Daily Tarot Girland a Professional Tarot Reader

I loved the book! This book is extraordinarily comprehensive, well-written and circumspect. The book is organized well and highlights the most important aspects of Tarot in a concise manner. “I will definitely be adding it to my list of recommended books for my introductory as well as advanced students.”

Kathleen Meadows M.A. Tarot Grandmaster and Teacher

” Tarot Holistic is a comprehensive tool that helps the reader to use the Tarot’s wise mirror as a personal empowerment tool.”

– Kim Wilborn Founder of the Spiritual Path Telesummit

Holistic Tarot is a beautifully crafted book that will inspire you to elevate your card readings. Ms. Wen shares her wisdom with a comprehensive method that encourages the novice reader to be a better reader. She also offers tarot experts philosophies and spreads for their professional, mental, and spiritual growth. It may take some time to read its 624 pages, but it is a valuable reference that can answer many questions about tarot.

– Kooch Daniels is a Professional Reader and Tarot Radio Show Host. He’s also the co-author of Tarot d’Amour as well as Matrix meditations

“I’m deeply impressed by the breadth, depth and scope of this massive Tarot work. Holistic tarot will be a valuable resource for any serious library. This book will be a guide and companion for those who are interested in exploring the mysteries and psyche of human beings through navigational and imaginative methods. Wen’s suggestions and clarity help the reader gain insight and wisdom by utilizing the Tarot picture book in a creative way. “Bravo to Wen for the obvious love of wisdom and labor she has brought into being.”

Leigh J. McCloskey Hollywood Actor, Visual Philosopher and Author of the Highly Acclaimed Tarot Revised and Founder and Director of the Olandar Foundation of Emerging Renaissance (OFFER)

Benebell Wen has written a thorough and comprehensive book on tarot. The book is a true testament to its title ‘Holistic Tarot. It covers everything, from the history of the tarot to the connection with eastern mysticism. Wen also offers a detailed look at every card of the Rider Waite Smith deck. She also offers 30 spreads and a guide on ethics when doing readings. It is easy to read and useful as a guide. I would highly recommend it.”

– Lisa de St. Croix, Author of Tarot de St. Croix

” Holistic Tarot” is a fantastic addition to the canon of tarot. Instead of focusing on fortune-telling here is an analytical and psychological approach that has been developed over many years through extensive research. Wen’s outstanding knowledge of Eastern and Western wisdom and numerology takes us on an inner tarot voyage. As each layer of the process is revealed, we are able to travel deeper into our subconscious and discover ourselves. Bravo, Benebell.”

– Liz Dean Author of The Art of Tarot, and The Victorian Steampunk Tarot

Benebell’s Holistic Tarotis an impressive and complete reference manual for tarot. All students studying the Rider Waite Smith System should have Holistic Tarotin their library. The book is a valuable resource for both professional and amateur tarot readers. This fusion of Eastern metaphysics with Western interpretations is a new approach. I like her holistic approach. I especially appreciate the discussion on Qi, the I Ching and tarot. Her work is similar to mine, in that I use a combination of classical culture, humanities and history to create my decks. Benebell Wen will be a leader in the tarot practices of the future.”

Luigi Scapini is an artist and creator of the Medieval Scapini Tarot and Romeo and Juliet Tarot.

This book is a refreshing way to read the Tarot. It combines intuition with an analytical method that uses traditional card reading principles. Benebell Wen covers every aspect of Tarot in an exhaustive manner, illustrated with detailed real-life examples. You will be well on your path to becoming a confident Tarot reader by following the instructions in this book.”

Mary K. Greer Author of Tarot For Yourself and 21 ways to read a Tarot Card

“Benebell has written a comprehensive handbook on Tarot, which offers deep insights to its reader.”

– Munisha Khatwani, Celebrity Tarot Reader

” Holistic Tarot” is a resource book that will be of great use to the serious student. The book is filled with charts that cover various aspects of the tarot, such as the key words for each card (including reversed cards), elemental dignities and timing correspondences. It even includes specific crystals which can enhance a reading. Clarifications like calling yourself a tarot practitioner instead of a reader, court pages representing young girls and “qi” being vital energy as opposed to psychic power made me think. It was interesting to read the historical references, especially those relating to the Templar Knights. The book is full of spreads like the Ba Gua and The Essential Key. This book is a must-have for anyone who believes that the Tarot can be used as a tool of analysis rather than divination.

– Nancy Antenucci Author of Psychic tarot: Using your natural psychic abilities to read the cards

” : Holistic Tarot – An Integrative Approach for Using Tarot to Promote Personal Growth” is a rich resource of Tarot principles, Tarot analyses, and Tarot best practices. Benebell Wen shares an ancient tradition in a holistic way, which is a great help to my readers who are looking for broader understandings of why things exist. It also helps me develop my characters and story plots.

– Nancy LaPonzina, R.N. B.S. in Nursing, Reiki Practitioner, Author of Yellow Pansies In A Blue Cobalt Jar and Nardi Point, as well as the award-winning Nardi Point, and A Path Through The Garden

” Holistic Tarot contains a wealth of information about the Tarot. “I will recommend it to my students, and learn from it myself.”

Prudence J.M. Theriault is a Certified Tarot Master/Instructor, and the host of The TV Tarot.

Holistic Tarot is a literary treat for Tarot practitioners and anyone interested in the Rider-Waite Smith Tarot, its history, its purpose, and its meaning.

Richard Palmer is the Author of Tarot: The Voice of the Inner Light, The I Ching Companion and Tarot: The Voice of the Inner Light.

Benebell Wen integrates East Asian heritage in her tarot practices and the result is Holistic Tarot. This book covers every aspect of the art. She has compiled a collection of metaphysical paths and merged them into one cohesive guide. This practical and spiritual book will give Holistic Tarot its place as a tarot interpretation that is both intelligent and useful.

– Roberta Lee Author of Tarot Language and I Ching Language

This is a comprehensive and knowledgeable introduction to Tarot. The emphasis here is on personal transformation, not on frivolous predictions. Holistic Tarot will stimulate the practice of all tarot reader, from beginner to advanced.

– Rohit Arya Founder of Arya Yoga Sangha, Author The Money Tarot Book, and The Sacred India Tarot

“Benebell has written a classic tarot. Her writing is warm and humorous, but her content is comprehensive. How I wish – Holistic Tarot was in print when I first learned the cards! From myth to meaning, ethics to professional practice.

– Sasha Graham Author of Tarot Diva & 365 Tarot Spreads

“I’m impressed by Benebell Wen’s in-depth analysis of Holistic Tarot. This book is suitable for both beginners and more experienced readers. The wide range of information covered is impressive. Wen’s practical, down-to earth book has a lot to offer Tarot enthusiasts.”

– Stephanie Arwen Lynch Former President of the American Tarot Association from 2007 to 2013

Benebell Wen’s ” Holistic Tarot” is one of the most comprehensive Tarot books to date. This large volume offers a thorough analysis of the tarot, with expert instructions to inspire any tarot students who pick it up. Holistic Tarot is a must-have for every serious tarot student. An instant classic.”

The Tarot Lady – Theresa Reed

There are many different ways to use and read tarot. Benebell Wen explains the science of tarot in Holistic Tarot. She explains how tarot works well with other disciplines like reiki, energy healing and chakra work. The concept of holistic Tarot, however defined, encompasses body, mind, and spirit, while facilitating a dialogue with the Collective unconscious, a dialog which will lead to self-knowledge and self-actualization. “We think tarot initiators, intermediates and aficionados will find Holistic Tarot to be an invaluable guide for tarot’s magical journey.”

Creators of Chrysalis tarot

Benebell Wen’s Holistic Tarot offers a comprehensive, in-depth book for Tarot practitioners and beginners. Wen’s Tarot approach is analytical, knowledge-based, and not focused on “fortune telling.” She presents a thorough interpretation that includes mythology, philosophy, spirituality and psychology. She bridges the gap from the conscious and unconscious, between East and West and between the rational and intuitive mind, as well as the traditional and innovative. Holistic Tarot offers more than just a guide to the art of reading Tarot cards. It is a study on the subtleties and nuances that the cards hold. This includes how to choose the right deck, store it, create ritual space, deal with negative cards, or questions, as well as a business model for starting a Tarot-reading business. Holistic Tarot is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn Tarot at its deepest levels. Wen includes detailed charts, photos and notes, as well as an appendix. Wen’s personal essay, at the end of her book encourages readers to use tarot to empower them to recognize their infinity. The first step to achieving this empowerment is by reading Holistic Tarot.

Kelli Russell Agodon, Annette Spaulding Convy, Two Sylvias Press Authors of The Poet Tarot deck