Psychic Line phone readings can be a baptism of fire as well as a shock to your system. It is impossible to prepare for it. When you decide to become a professional tarot readers using this medium, the best thing to do is to apply for a job and then log in to their system to go for it.

Before you open your mouth, callers will expect you to meet their expectations.

It doesn’t matter if you are a tarot or psychic reader.

They expect you have all the answers

They expect you tell them what to do

They expect you to be able tell them their problems in three minutes or less.

*Psychic lines allow you to talk for between three and five minutes before you can hang up and not be charged.

After verifying their birth date and their bill payer permission, you will invariably ask them how you can help. Nine out of ten times they will say they would like a general reading. Nine out of ten times, they lie. They are testing you to find out if your knowledge is accurate and if they have any problems. They may also believe they can conceal certain things from you, such as what they have done, how they are doing it, or even their plans. You will see that the cards aren’t lying and that you can pick it up.

The feared General Tarot reading is the key to all this excitement. This is cold reading at its worst and best. 

You don’t know anything about the person. You must deal your cards and hit the ground running.


The first few times you read this way, you will feel sweaty, have a faster heartbeat and, quite often, tarot card amnesia. What are you supposed do? What the hell is the Justice card at the Heart of the Matter position? Is Death crossing it? Oh my God, I don’t remember ……

Yes, it happened to me many times. You get through it, and if it bombs, it’s down to the baptism by fire. My Dad always said, “You just have to get up and keep going.”

How do you start a general tarot card reading for someone you don’t know? Who is trying to test you and simultaneously lying or concealing information?

There are many ways to do this, including the opening cards of the Celtic Cross Spread and the Heart of the Matter. You can use this to determine what the client is experiencing, but it is not the only place where you can start a tarot card reading. You can start with position 7, the You position. This is what you (the client) are bringing to the situation.

This card immediately gives you insight into how they’re feeling/acting/responding etc. You might feel a loss when you see the 5 of Cups. This is what I call a Time Injection. It gives you time to scan cards. Also, it can be an Ice Breaker since you have now empathized with the client and solved one problem in just seconds.

Sometimes, one sentence can open the floodgates and you won’t be able to say anything else for hours because you can’t get any word in edgeways.

Sometimes they will just agree with your ideas and let you know what you think. The Root Cause or Recent Past can be used to help determine the source of the problem. If the Recent Past contains the King of Pentacles, it could be a senior male or an important person in their lives.

The Justice card cross by Death looks awfully like a legal case against your client or divorce.

We don’t need to get too focused on the details. We could also have cards in the opening positions which make us wonder why our client feels and experiences loss. The 3 of Cups could be crossed by 6 of Wands.

Tarot Tip: Understanding the true nature and purpose of the cross card

The crossing card, no matter how adorable, is a problem and should be seen as such. These two cards could be used to say that the couple got engaged and had planned to celebrate with a party. However, he either didn’t show or he left. Or he was so drunk that it ruined the party, leaving her feeling confused and unhappy about their future.

You could have a million options. That’s the problem when you try to read everything in a single situation. Sometimes you might call it wrong, but not always. The cards are never lying, and your interpretation will be the only thing that matters. Without confirmation from the client, you have no choice but to call it what you see.

In such situations, being true to yourself means listening to your intuition and trusting it. You’ll often be close enough to someone that they will correct you. From there, you can start a conversation.


You may discover that the meaning of the cards and the way they are being read can be different from what you expected. This would be your intuition, spirit guides, divinity or higher self. These are the key clinchers for general tarot and specific question readings.

Sometimes all that is required to get the reading is to look at the card for clues and symbols. The direction that a princess card looks at a prince card; how the cards are placed in relation to one another – are they looking in the same direction or facing in different directions? Are they looking in the same direction or looking into the future? These are known as Directional Dignities. They can be very helpful in any reading.


Any symbol that appears on more than one card reinforces the message. This information doesn’t need to be shared with the client. You can simply say that you are getting the message strongly.

You could also tell them the number 7 is repeating itself in this area. Does it have any significance to you?

This helps them feel part of the reading. They will be able to relate to the reading and see themselves in it. This will give you another brownie point, and your client will think that you are awesome. The rest is easy.