Queen of Swords

Compassionate truth

The Queen of Swords is often the first to answer my questions when I ask for their favorite tarot card. Why? Because she is strong and powerful, who has seen a lot. Many of us can relate to the story of this queen – all the heartbreak, conflict and processing that went along with it. She represents courage and perseverance.

The Queen of Swords’ power comes from the fact that she has incorporated the lessons she has learned. Each of her heartbreaking experiences, as well as the subsequent renewal, has been taken and turned into diamonds. She is not afraid to admit her hurts and she continues on, carrying her diamonds. The person in the boat with the Six of Swords took their lessons to new lands. They are here twenty years later, strong and wise, and self-aware.

This person is dedicated to doing the work. This could be deep shadow work or unravelling privilege. It might also mean living a life that is more in line with their values. The person is aware that inner work is essential to living authentically and truthfully. The Queen of Swords is fully aware and consciously responsible for herself and the world. However, she is also conscious that there are always more to discover, more to be learned.

The best of the swords card shows the transformative power mindfulness, the spiritual practice that observes our minds without judgment. Through meditation and practice, we can bring peace into our lives and calm a chattering brain. This practice has been mastered by the Queen of Swords.

She is like the King in that she is logic and uses her sword as a tool to get to the core of the matter. There is also more compassion. The Queen of Swords doesn’t have to be rigidly black and white. She does not set the rules. She is aware that there are gray areas, and these can be very difficult places to live in. She’s been there.

Communication is a powerful skill. The Queen of Swords can articulate some of the most difficult truths of our times – she not only explains sadness but also where it comes form, the systems of injustices and fear that cause harm. She is also a visionary, and everyone can understand her vision of a better world when she speaks.

Special skills: Strong, compassionate, and has seen a lot.

Tarot decks for beginners

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For tarot beginners, we recommend the following decks: The majority of decks in this list have great guidesbooks or easy-to-read imagery. This is not an exhaustive list. If you feel drawn to a deck not listed here, you can follow your intuition. Anyone can read any deck and there are no prerequisites for learning tarot.

The Little Red Tarot Guidebook

All Our Stories This handbook is for anyone who wants to free their tarot practice, and find their unique story in the cards. I offer my interpretations of the tarot as a springboad to help you discover yours.

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The art of reading the tarot is telling stories. Find stories, claim them, shape them, and make them your own.

Every human experience is contained within the 78 cards that make up the tarot. Both the good and the ugly. The mundane and the earth-shattering. Love and hope. Inspiration and fear. Oppression, justice, and liberation. Integration and transformation

This accessible guidebook explains how tarot can help us take control of everything and more so that we can tell our unique, beautiful, and messy life stories. Her tarot approach is rooted in subjectivity, self-care, and empowers us to envision new and better futures for our communities and ourselves.

The book also serves as a reference guide and provides meanings for all 78 cards. This book is appropriate for both beginners and more advanced tarot readers. It can also be used with any other tarot deck.

All of Our Stories is a great companion to the Alter Tarot Course

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