Self description of a professional astrologer

Two decades ago, I began reading my horoscopes and books on zodiac signs, however, I never imagined that I would one day become a professional astrologer. I read one astrology book after another, fascinated by astrology’s many layers.

Each zodiac sign, from Aries to Pisces, intrigued me greatly, studying the zodiac signs, planets, aspects, house placements, and how all of these come together to affect not only our personalities but our everyday life events as well.

After ten years I wrote my own astrology book, an introductory book on the twelve zodiac signs. I was proud of completing the book and my love for astrology continued to develop over the years, to this day, my passion as a professional astrologer has not diminished.

Now twenty years later, I am still enthralled with the subject of astrology, zodiac signs, planetary placements, planetary transits, and how they determine one’s personality, a romantic relationship’s outcome, or the upcoming day.

 I have written daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes for multiple astrology websites and cell phone astrology apps. As a professional astrologer, I also offer birth chart readings, romantic compatibility (or synastry) chart readings, custom horoscope forecasts, and more.

Every night when I was sleepless, I read astrology books and articles related to astrology, day and night, because it can stop my anxiety (Mercury 6), sit in the car and watch. Wherever I feel anxious, I will watch, astrology, which deeply heals me and accompanies me every lonely night. I still remember that when I first learned that I was an ascending Scorpio, I read the article about ascending Scorpio, The title of the article says: To the ascending Scorpio, smile even to hell. I feel that my pain has been fully understood, and there is such a profound implication that you are doomed to be reborn from the ashes

My astrological path is explored by myself, but I thank the authors and teachers of astrological books, and every astrologer of astrological articles I have read. I integrate my life experience into this sacred, mysterious and charming astrology, and I am willing to share it with more people.

My sun sets in the seventh house of Gemini. It is said in the book that this is a very suitable position to be a psychological consultant, because Jung Freud is the sun in the seventh house. Indeed, the seventh house is a one-to-one intimate relationship. I am naturally good at discovering the advantages and highlights of others when the sun is here. The ability of Gemini to collect information has made me give one-on-one counseling to nearly 800 people, Everyone is easy to open to me, so I have accumulated rich experience and knowledge. Many people have also been encouraged and recognized by the sun here. They sometimes ask, why don’t you say bad? I always said with a smile, because in my eyes, you are really perfect, you need to believe that you are so beautiful.

My north intersection is the three houses of Aquarius, my soul goal, my mission is to combine spirituality with astrology and share it with more people. May everyone find this way to go home, to start connecting your soul, to receive the guidance of the soul, to return to downstream, to love, and to light.

I love you and I am passionate about astrology.

 I love piecing together the puzzle through the planetary placements of the upcoming day for each of the twelve zodiac signs to determine what kind of an effect those placements will have on all of the events of that day for each sign.  I find great interest in interpreting birth charts, romantic compatibility charts, planetary transits and positions, and how all of this affects our everyday lives.