“I like Hilary’s positivity, and the peace-of-mind her readings give me. I believe she is accurate, welcoming, and exceptionally accommodating.”–Anonymous

“You were absolutely right about my Justice being reversed and the need to deal with these issues. I am still waiting to see what the year forecast brings. You don’t take no for an answer. You don’t sugarcoat things, even if you don’t like the answer. I have things to remember and pay attention to in the 13 moons reading [year prediction]. This is a good thing. You are precise, concise, and can explain things clearly without making it complicated for others. You’re always learning new techniques, trying out new spreads, and expanding the repertoire. People need to be aware of one thing about readings from you: Don’t expect platitudes or bullshit. I trust you to read my Tarot. I know that even if the reading isn’t exactly what I need Sarah B.

“Hilary just gave my reading to you guys if you guys need one (and I’m unavailable).
Ass to me (in an excellent way ).”–Melissa Cynova author of Kitchen Table Tarot

“Thank you so very much! It was easy to read your email. Thank you for your insight. I also love to follow you on Facebook. Since some time passed, I actually looked back at the reading and could clearly see the messages in the cards, especially the last one. It all tied together .”–Veronika

“I appreciate your kindness and candor. It was difficult to accept what you confirmed. I would recommend you to anyone. You are very easy to talk with, and you tell it as it is. Although I would have loved to see some numbers and dates, that is just too difficult. People should be open to receiving the truth, not only what they think they want, if they are willing to work with you. You must also show them that you are open to receiving the truth in a respectful, honest, and considerate manner. Thank you for making my experience enjoyable .”–TC

“I booked with you without hesitation… I felt guided by intuition.” There have been no changes, and everything is running exactly as the readings suggest. You are very open, honest, kind, and real. You are very intuitive and so easy to get along with. Your readings gave me confidence and a feeling of security. You are an amazing, honest woman. Your readings are extremely accurate and very impressive. I am so glad to know you. Thank you for everything.

“My hesitation to book a reading was based on whether the reader would be accurate with her reading. After having a reading with your team, I feel more motivated to follow the career and work path that you laid out. Your time and knowledge were very generous and you made sure to check in with me often to ensure I understood everything. My daughter and I had a reading together, so we’ve been talking about it. You are a professional and accurate reader. I highly recommend you. I found you very helpful in helping me to sort out some issues and you really cared about me understanding what your were saying. You might be interested in a reading event for family members Susan

“I didn’t hesitate to choose the reader I wanted. The readings were not only for me, but for many of my guests. Your professionalism was appreciated. You stayed true to the agreement, were punctual, gracious, and offered to read online for guests whose time was limited. Your insights were a pleasant surprise to my guests. You are a master at what you do and are a pleasure to work with.

“I feel more confident that the majority of these issues that I was having trouble with are not my fault after a reading with Hilary. Th

is issue causes me to think less. Hilary’s honesty, direct responses, friendly conversation, clear explanations, easy-to-understand, conversational when needed, great explanations of the cards and also space for other readers to see them. This was what I loved about working with her. I felt more relaxed leaving the reading than when I entered it. That is a sign that I am a great reader. It confirms that the many thoughts I have had are on track. This is especially true in Hekate’s story, which is reflected in my life today as her Priestess. Hilary is a wonderful reader and I highly recommend her. I know you would be a great help to anyone I send your way. Your readings are honest and you’re sensitive, compassionate, and caring. You’ll ensure that there is understanding and clarity before the reading ends .”–Tamrh

Hilary’s honesty is what I love most about her work. No sugar coating. Your reading helps me feel more confident in my decisions, confirming my intuition. Your readings are accurate and entertaining. Here’s what people need to know: It is better not to ask questions if they don’t want the truth. You’re spot on .”–Lisa M.

“I was adamant about booking a reading with Hilary… all I had to do was find the time! Hilary’s tarot readings reminded me of what I knew. Her services are highly recommended. The reading was raw and honest, which was very important to me. Hilary’s honesty was what I loved most about her reading. I didn’t realize I needed one until she forced me to. You can’t make this shitup Danika.

“Hilary has been our tarot reader for the Halloween party every year for five years. Everyone raves about her and asks if they will be giving tarot readings at the party. Tarot is her life and she takes it seriously. Although Hilary is serious about Tarot, her readings .”–Rita M are great and funny


“Since reading with Hilary (my very first tarot reading), I have felt more peaceful. I have more peace in my daily life. She was calm and comforting and she confirmed my thoughts and provided reassurance. Hilary is a thoughtful, kind, and highly accurate reader.”

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