Slow, deliberate shopping

We know that our customers visit us seeking art and spiritual tools. Therefore, we honor these desires in how we serve them.

We don’t market our products by creating urgency or a need. Instead, we present our collection and believe each item speaks for itself. We don’t advertise, we trust that you will find your way to our site. We encourage mindful shopping by providing information, reviews and conversations with artists to help you determine if we have what you need. All questions about pre-purchase are welcome.

Our systems and policies are designed to be opposite of Amazon and other retailers . We are not like the big guys who rush to the bottom and offer “rock-bottom prices” and fast delivery times. Instead, we carefully review each order and hand-wrap each item with care before shipping it out to you once or twice per week. We still operate out of Beth’s spare bedroom.

We don’t have the lowest prices. However, they reflect fair pay and care for our staff. We do not ask artists to lower their prices and we don’t compete with creators that we stock. We prefer to work with smaller suppliers (printing, packaging…and stay with the local Post Office). We don’t compromise on the quality of our people or earth care. Every element of our processes is constantly reviewed to ensure alignment with our guiding values .

Who are we?

LRT is owned by Beth Maiden (she/her). Hi!

I am a rural-dwelling artist/tarot nerd and a wannabe barber with a deep love for my queer community. This shop was an accident. It has nine (!!) customers. It was an accident that I started this shop, and it has been nine years since then.

You can find me at I blog (occasionally) about anticapitalist art, ritual and business, as well as navigating my whole-life and work. It’s mostly just strange poems these days.

…and if time is a problem, you can find seven years of my personal tarot/life blog on the Little Red Tarot Community Archive.

Page Of Wands

Curiosity in motion

The Page of Wands, true to their page character, is curious. They are eager to embark on an adventure. They have the fire of fire in their seats – they are energetic and excited.

A Page of Wands is someone who just had an idea and is trying to figure out how to make it happen. The Page of Wands holds their idea in front of them, and watches it sparkle. As they get excited about the future, there is a burning sensation in their stomachs.

This person is interested in learning all about fire. It is how it appears in our lives, what we can do with it, and where it can be used. The Page of Wands could also be a student learning about politics, business, and social affairs – anything that requires initiative and dynamism.

This person may be on a social mission, as wands represent the suit of ideals or principles. They might be just starting to learn about socialism or feminism, or another radical way of looking at the world.

Because “action” is the core idea of this page. Wands are about doing. Manifesting. Making magic. The Page of Wands is inspired and focused on the possibilities.