The Revelation is the 3rd edition of the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot Family. It evolved from black and white line drawings into sepia colors and is now in full color.

These Keys are a glimpse into the invisible hand of gods and the spirits that they send to them as their messengers. To anthropomorphize the celestial realms we will give them a name and a picture to show how divinity and humanity interact.

I read academic books published by university presses. These books were written by native authors of the culture or those who practice the religion I was depicting. Friends and family members who are either native to these cultures or are dedicated practitioners of the religions were also helpful.

My leisure time was limited to documentaries about the regions and cultures I was researching. While immersed in a particular culture, I would follow the traditional recipes of the cuisine of the culture and eat the food of the region, using the local spices.

SKT Revelation was an immersive experience. I spent hours researching the ingredients and textile-making processes used by the civilizations of the time period to create the colors for the characters in the cards.

Revealing is in theology the disclosure or sharing of truth or knowledge by communication with a deity, or any other supernatural entity. Revealed religions consider their sacred texts to be divinely or supernaturally inspired.

Moses was given the Ten Commandments by an external, higher-level divine power. The ultimate revelation of God is represented in Christian mythology as Jesus Christ and the Body. When angels instructed the Prophet to recite these Words, Allah revealed the Qur’an to him. Joseph Smith received the Book of Mormon.

The enlightenment or Buddha in Buddhism is a type of revelation. It occurs when the ego merges with the universe and individual consciousness is integrated into the collective consciousness. Kuan Yin, the bodhisattva Kuan Yin, asked heaven’s council of divinities for permission to share the Great Compassion Mantra words. These words are meant to heal humanity’s afflictions.

Divination is a type of revelation in which the Divine gives knowledge about itself, Divine Will and Divine Providence by the words of a diviner.

The Spirit Keeper’s Tarot is designed to help you connect to and fully occupy that divine higher genius. Invocation and evocation by name or image of deities can help you transcend your limited self and embody the divine higher genius.

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Vitruvian edition (2019)

Limited Edition of 2000 copies Out of print.

The Spirit Keeper’s Tarotis a hand illustrated 78-card tarot card deck. It includes 2 additional Key 0, making it a total of 80 cards.


The premise of SpiritKeeper’s Tarot is to convert tarot keys in to calling cards that allow you access to a spirit world full of beneficent immortals.

This edition’s namesake is Vitruvius who lived in 80 B.C. Between 15 B.C. Vitruvius, a Roman architect, taught that all structures must have three qualities: beauty, utility, stability. These three characteristics are known as the Vitruvian Triad.

Leonardo da Vinci, a millennium after Vitruvius was born, was inspired by the Roman architect’s works. The Vitruvian Man is one of da Vinci’s most well-known sketches, drawn in sepia pen.

Hand-crafted holy oil is used to anoint all decks. It contains Ceylon cinnamon, Cassia cinnamon and sweet lemongrass. My own anointing oil is made from essences and macerated oils that I have made from the finest raw materials. This ensures quality.

Ceylon cinnamon bark was bought at Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar. Cassia cinnamon leaves were imported from India. Because making true essential oils requires lots of myrrh strong, I only use the highest quality myrrh resin (tears-of-myrrh),

Lemongrass is a fresh, local product that has been sun-dried for several months before oil-making begins. The oil-making process can take several more months before they are ready.

The olive oil comes from Athens in Greece. The anointing oils are made up of multiple layers of astrologically-timed ritual work.

I am providing The Book of Names to authenticate each limited edition SKT Vitruvian. This is a master listing of all named SKT Vitruvian decks.


Last update 12 Nov 2019,

F R E E D O W N L O A D S :

A Medium White Book (a 198 page card meanings guidebook to the SKT)

A Little White Book (an 80 page introduction to SKT); a printed copy is included with every purchase of SKT deck

It took me a month to finish the pen and ink line drawings of all 80 cards. I was so exhausted that I couldn’t sleep, ate very little, and then I poured all my energy into the creation of these cards.