“What is so special about tarot cards grandpa?”, little jack asked Mr. John with innocent curiosity filling up in his small eyes.

Mr. John smiled at his grandson and took out a deck of tarot reading  from his drawer.

“I have 78 cards in this deck”

Jack was all focused on that tarot set.

John made two sets of the tarot cards.

“My little man, these 22 cards on your right are major arcana and these 56 on your left are minor arcana “

Mr. John took a small pause.

“Both these categories of tarot cards have their meanings. Your spirituality is answered in the major arcana and your career is defined in minor arcana, son”.

Jack’s pupils seemed to be dilating with his increasing interest in those tarot reading cards.

“And how do you tell everyone their fortune using these tarot cards?” Jack questioned Mr. John.

Mr. John chuckled for a second and started shuffling his tarot deck.

“Take one card son” Mr john. Put the shuffled tarot cards in front of Jack.

Jack immediately pulled out one.

“Let me see what my tarot says about you”, Mr. John Took the card.

Seeing that card his eyes smiled but he did not. It was “The Fool upright “.

“What is it, Pa?” jack was impatiently waiting for his reply.

“It is a secret only I and my tarot know”

Jack’s face turned sad.

Mr. Jack was chuckling while putting that tarot reading deck back in his drawer.