Tarot is not just used for divination, it can also serve as a great tool for guidance. This series will explore the different advice options available for each card.

A Tarot deck can help you make informed decisions, face challenges with confidence, and identify alternate routes when needed. What is the result? You get the best guidance possible for your future.

Come join me every Friday for a new installment. Get ready to give some loving support and helpful advice to your Tarot readings.

This Week: The Magician

To achieve your goals, you have everything right in front of your nose. All it takes is focus. Focus on your goal and never lose sight of it.

You have the power to make it happen. You have the power to create magic!

The Magician may be associated with talent or skill, but it could also be a reminder to keep learning and improving your skills. You must continue to work on a skill if you want to master it. You can improve your skills by practicing consistently.

This can be used to remind you to assert your power. Be bold in your determination. Boldly take action!

The Magician’s job is to create magic in your life, whether it be through your willpower or courage. Believe in yourself and you can create anything you desire.

The Magician reversed

Before you do any damage to yourself, take a look at yourself. Are you abusing your power? Are you trying to impose your will on someone or a situation that isn’t willing? Reconsider your position. This is not the right time to force things.

If you’re not ready to take on a position of power, go back and improve your skills until you feel confident in your abilities.

It may be time to speak up if you’re dealing with someone who abuses their position. Get your courage up and confront the person.

Don’t let anyone take your personal power away.

The reversed Magician symbolises weakness or apathy. If you want to do the job right, take a more assertive approach. Get in touch with your inner power to keep going. Stop making excuses and commit to your goal.

This reversal also suggests that your talent may not be fully developed. You either don’t have enough practice or you don’t possess the skills to continue. Nobody is able to do it all in one day. This is a sign you still have a long way to go before you can see real skill. You’re not ready to be a star.

Questions to Ponder

What are the steps I’m willing to take in order to achieve my goal? What skills should I develop? What does it take to be powerful?