Tarot Advice: Guidance in Every Cards: The Fool

Tarot isn’t just used for divination, it can also serve as a great tool for guidance. This series will explore the different advice options available for each card.

A Tarot deck can help you make informed decisions, face challenges with confidence, and identify alternate routes when needed. What is the result? You get the best guidance possible for your future.

Come join me every Friday for a new installment. Get ready to give some loving support and helpful advice to your Tarot readings.

This Week: The Fool

The Fool suggests that you take a chance and take a risk. Even if you don’t see the whole picture, dive in. Trust is essential for the situation ahead. You can forget about past mistakes and begin again. The journey ahead will be exciting. Be bold!

The presence of the Fool tells you to go for it if you’re considering making major changes or accepting an opportunity. Don’t hesitate to jump in. Even if the route seems a little risky, you should take it.

Don’t worry about what others think at the moment – this is your time to be completely YOU. Do not be afraid to be called “foolish”.

Try to be relaxed and funny. Laugh. Acceptance of mistakes is a virtue. Be light.

The Fool reversed

The Fool advises caution. It’s better not to trust and be innocent than to look backwards before you leap. You might be in danger or not ready for this change. The risks are greater than the benefits. Timing is not right. You should go back to the drawing board and gather more information before proceeding.

Questions to Ponder

What makes me feel like I am taking a chance? What is holding me back? What does it really mean to be fearless?