The 2017 YouTube Pagan Challenge (#ytpaganchallenge

After completing the 2017 YouTube Pagan Challenge, I decided to consolidate my three videos that I created in response and add some extra commentary. The theme for this year is the personal grimoire, or metaphysical journaling. You can download a PDF of all the question prompts from the 2017 YouTube Pagan Challenge for your reference.

The question prompts will be referred to by their number. When I refer to Question 1, for example, I’m referring to the “Show and Tell”, or when I refer Question 45, I’m referring “What kind pagans were you ancestors?” The PDF contains the number of questions.

It’s clear that Part 3, the last video I made, should have been part 1, my first video. So for those who are new to this series, it’s a good thing. You can now watch them in the correct order. This post will feature the last Part 3 first because it makes sense. Then you can move on to Part 1

It turns out that I missed a lot of questions, so at the end I will try to answer those I feel are relevant to my journey, either via blog or another video.

Part 3 – Pagan Practices, Opinions and the Personal

This video begins by answering the question whether or not I’m a pagan. Next, I discuss my favorite divination methods, Question 6, and how my answers to the question are not in my grimoire, but in other journals, rituals, or Question 8. My answer to Question 12, which is implied by some of my words in this video, as well as Question 13, in which I discuss a code for ethical spell-crafting. I also discuss the religions which influence my path, and show glimpses of witchy rooms… or more accurately, my witchy house.

I answer Question 27 about my use of astrology. Here’s a introduction to astrology, and a lot of free astrology sheets that you can download. Here’s to check out. If you want to learn more about Western astrology to become familiar with the whole signs, Placidus and Side Real Zodiac, as well as the differences between the Tropical and Side Real Zodiac, check out ” – Astrology for Beginners. The answer to question 47 is also implied in this video.

In this video, I only lightly touch on the subject of cursing, binding and banishing. You can find more information in my blog, “On Tarot Reading Ethics: Part III: Addressing Cures”. I also cover it in my “Tarot as a Tool for Craft”, online course, in my “FAQs” section. You can learn more about me and my techniques by enrolling in one of my courses. The I Ching Practitioner , and Book of Changes spell-crafting course provide intermediate and advanced sigil technique.

Part 2: The Grimoire Show and Tell

This is my current working grimoire, as of the upload date. It’s mostly just answering question 1 and telling the story. I also go into a little bit of Question 2, 3, 4 and a little bit of Question 46. You’ll see if you pay attention to the video that I also answer Question 25 through the “showing”.

Part 2. Content and Logistics

In Part 2, I discuss how I create the pages of my books. How do I turn a sketch or idea from scrap paper into an elaborate page in my book. How much time do i spend working on my book regularly? How long does it take me to complete a page? What do the processand progression of working in a Grimoire mean for me in terms what it teaches about my path?

I also show some older and more complete grimoires.

In both Parts 1, 2 and 3, I talk about and show pages of my favorite mantras. I also discuss how I use them to recite funeral rites and rites of birth, bless a child ceremonies, and other rituals that mark important life milestones. The prompts on healing or therapeutic methods, recovering past-life memories or past-life regression techniques and how they form the content of the book. In terms of meditation, I share what I consider to be powerful techniques for self-empowerment that can help any practitioner, regardless of their level or path, to achieve a higher level through my ” Tarot & Shadow Work ” Course.

I did not go into detail on how-to-step-by-step techniques and approaches to answer the questions on how to cast a hex or mediumship or channeling, or how to do a love or prosperity spell or the steps for a funeral ritual. I acknowledge in a vague way that these things would be definitely included in my grimoire, and then move forward.

The Metaphysician’s Day Planner

The “grimoire” pages of my Meteorologist’s Day planner have a color reference chart that explains what each color means to me. This is my answer to Question 26. At the end of Part 3 I mention that the 2018 Metaphysician’s Day Planner will be available for pre-order in a few weeks.


These were some big questions. For example, 10: “How was the universe created, will it be ended, is there a purpose to it?” This question should have been answered in 10 minutes of YouTube video? Yikes. It would be boring to just repeat what my scriptures say about the subject. Or 11, “How does consciousness function, do all things possess consciousness, and is the universe aware?” I would say yes to the third question. I think so.

I found Question 48 amusing (“How would you change your life if you lived in another planet like Mars ?”).?”). It would be definitely different for me, as I would source locally, listen to the spirit and land to better understand what is on Mars , and tap into Martian consciousness. But because I carry the legacy of my ancestors with me (not from Mars ), my new Martian practices would be integrated with the ancestral path.

It’s common sense, personal spirituality, not cultural appropriation. Cultural transplants and diasporas are compelled to mix what they know with their new environment and culture. This is a natural and intuitive reaction. In a world that is mostly virtual, without physical borders, it’s not necessary to leave home to be a cultural transplant. You can learn new cultural practices and merge them with your native culture.

In response to Question 50, I wanted to make a few quick mentions. Sacred Land Sage has some high-quality and potent products. I love the work of that proprietor and swear by her. She’s a very talented artist and I trust her work with a lot of faith. I love Sacred Well and the magic that they create.

What better way to conclude this post than with the final question of the Challenge? Question 52: “Imagine that the Abrahamic religions have died out and everyone is pagan.” What would it be like?

It’s the same. Zeus or Tai Yi would be the new Yahweh and Allah. You’d still have sects and fanatics who are extremists and the majority of the flock that gathers under a charismatic leader, who will inevitably take advantage of them, and fights over which god or goddess has the most power. The institutions formed around the dominant pagan paths would do their best to influence government policy and rise to power. The same situation is happening around the globe today. Minorities pagan paths are suppressed, and they will feel powerless. It’s about people, not Abrahamic religions. It’s people. People will be people whether they are pagan or not, even if Abrahamic faiths were to disappear in an alternate universe.

* * *

It’s still August so you can join the Challenge , if not already. If you’ve already done so, please post links in the comments below! I’ve had a great time browsing the #ytpaganchallenge hashtag and watching everyone’s awesome videos.

Not all (!!! Oh man, this list doesn’t even cover all the sites I’ve visited! !! !! AthenaBeth Black is also on the list. This is not even close to the total number of channels I follow. I’ve only selected the channels that are most easily accessible to me at the time.