The Chariot

Fire, aim!

We talked about manifestation and will under card 1. The union of inspiration and focused action. This theme continues with the Chariot, but this time we are firmly in the “focused action” stage. If you have ever procrastinated you will know what it feels like to be the opposite of this card!

The Chariot symbolizes the forward-moving energy you can get from your sacred focus. Knowing exactly where you want to go and putting your weight behind it. This card often shows black and white animals pulling the Chariot. They are opposing forces working together towards a common goal. Although your butterfly mind might want to travel in different directions and you may have many ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’, what is important is that all opposing energies within you are moving in the same direction. You can control your butterfly mind by reining it in.

It is about accomplishment, especially in a socially accepted way. But it’s also about the process and the hard work involved. Although the Chariot may be a symbol of a well-known artist, it also tells the story of how they got there, including the rejections and failures and the determination to keep going and try again. The Chariot’s essence is their focus, which was what pulled them through.

This card is now called “The Archer” in the Wildwood Tarot. It depicts a woman holding back a bow with her arrow pointed at her target. That taut bow is full of passion. It is so full of intent. So much intention.

It all comes down to having a purpose, the intention we saw in the Magician. Without knowing your why, you can’t focus. The Chariot could be used to symbolize the creation of a manifesto and the organization of ideas in order that you can take focused action.

Advice from the Chariot

If you have the ability to concentrate and find the strength to go for it, there is so much you could accomplish on your own. This card is here to support you in that endeavor. This card reminds you about your strength and courage, and encourages you towards the goal that you love.

The Chariot is often a symbol of battles and obstacles. You will face setbacks and difficulties on your way to success. This card encourages you to keep going. This card is one of determination and hard work.

This is a straight-forward card. Here’s how you can achieve your goal. It will be difficult and it will take focus. Are you ready?

Key words and concepts


Focused action

Confidence and self-belief

Drive, commitment and determination

Get super clear about your goals

For what you believe


Overcoming obstacles

Passionate, hard work


Here are some common symbols

Armour (doing battle)

Black and white animals pulling the chariot (focusing opposing energy)

Riding without reins (driving forwards with sheer force of will)

The movement of the chariot itself

Crescent moons