The Devil

What is holding you back?

The Devil with its foreboding images and chains of demons, demons, and some dark, frightening hellscape is a reminder of the devil that we all have within us.

It asks us all: Why are you so down?

This card shows a common image of a human being or group of humans tied or chained by a demon. However, they are not trying to escape. They appear to be able to accept their situation without any struggle or question. The Devil shows this image to discuss complicity. It’s so easy to surrender to oppressive structures and hold us back, much easier than trying to break free. It is about the human paradox of wanting to be able to have what we need. Addiction to substances, consumerism, to things’, self-descructive behaviors, social media, or any other means of delaying this hard work is called addiction. When we feel empty or unhappy, we turn to external gratification. It is much easier to deal with the inner turmoil than it is to seek external gratification.

Some decks have the Devil pointing to oppression from the outside. This interpretation is reserved for the Emperor, Wheel of Fortune, and other minor arcana cards. These cards point to power structures that affect our lives. For me, the Devil is all about the prisons we make for ourselves.

It is at its most proactive, reminding you that there are options. As painful as it might be, it asks for you to take responsibility for your actions and to become more self-aware. Recognize when you are telling yourself stories that will hold you back, and take responsibility for them. Ask yourself “What am I afraid of?” This scary old card is all about facing your fear.

Advice from the Devil

I believe there is no judgment in the tarot. This includes the card called ‘Judgement’. We’ll get to that in a moment. No card can judge you. No card can tell you whether you are good or bad.

You might be righteously called out instead. or You can take the advice of your demon and look at it in the eyes.

Then, you need to begin planning your escape. You are now aware that you are complicit in the oppression of a system. You can now get out. You can get free from the need to be accepted by others. There are so many more things in life.

The same goes for materialism. Addiction to ‘things” is a serious problem in our age. It leads to wasteful consumption, a culture of throwing away, and a feeling of not having enough. This ultimately means that not enough. For example, think about how beauty products are promoted. They create insecurity. We buy to satisfy our needs, to make ourselves better. Our inner demons tells us that we need “things” to be more attractive, successful, popular, and good. The Devil could be a symbol of getting bogged down in the details and losing sight of what really matters in life.

Key words and concepts




Negative behaviours

Avoid getting caught in dangerous cycles

You can choose to get something for free or not.

It is easy to lose sight of the important things in life

Face your fear

Accountability for yourself

Delusion…and self-awareness

Be a champion for your freedom

Here are some common symbols

Chains (bondage)

Nakedness (vulnerability or poverty of spirit)

Hellish imagery (a spiritual prison).

A devil or demon (inner demons)

The key to freedom

Upside-down pentagram (materialism)

17. The Star

Navigating your home by yourself

The Star is a counter-pose for the terror of the Tower. It brings hope, peace, and light at the end the tunnel. It is coming home. It’s something to cherish.

The Star, in its most basic form, is a soothing voice from night sky that whispers “everything will be okay.” It is a hug that gives comfort, a cup that calms and reassures, and a cup that makes you feel at ease.

This is a powerful energy shift that occurs in sequence. In quick succession, we have met deathSatan and Tower. Temperance brought some relief. It has been a rough time. There have been many changes and some unpleasant surprises. It is a refreshing change to see the Star here.

It is a sign of hope and optimism. It reminds us that things look up. It reminds us all of our power and great potential for healing ourselves, others, and the world. It is our collective energy of compassion and love. All of us are interconnected. We contain multitudes. We have an immense capacity to heal.

The Star is a symbol of healing.

It is always funny to me that the celestial body should be a celestial one – one that belongs outside our solar system, and should have such intimate, comforting energy. The Star represents your inner light, your very essence, what you are: creative, kind, beautiful. You are connected, free, tuned-in and connected. We create barriers that block out these qualities in many areas of life, including education, society, and career. They are there in each of us, shining inside. They are there for us to hold onto.

Advice from the Star

It is a star because it guides you. These are the waters you need to navigate. You will find your way home, like a sailor following constellations. The Star gives you the steadying, healing message that you are still who you are. Whatever you’ve been through, or what you’ve gone through, the essence of you is still there, bright and shining, burning inside. It can also be a symbol for a deceased person, reminding you of their energy and essence.

Each of us has infinite possibilities, an infinite potential for beauty and infinite wonder. Remember who you are, even when times are difficult. Keep in mind your ability to heal and create magic. Be aware that you are a part of the universe and this earth, and that you belong here. You are loved.

Everything will be fine. It will all be alright. You’ll be fine. You are in the process of healing and everything is going well. You are on a wonderful journey to your own healing.

Be true to yourself. Listen to your intuition and you will find that your body as well as your soul are constantly trying to heal and grow. You can give yourself the space and care that you need. Send that healing love outwards to the world.

Answer any ‘callings’ you feel right now. You can create anything you want to do. Approach it with love. You can approach the things that you do with a positive and gentle attitude.

Key words and concepts


Support and love

Returning home to yourself



Be true to yourself

Your intuition will guide you

Integrity and honesty

Positive new beginnings or new visions

Here are some common symbols

Aquarius is the water bearer

Naivety (being vulnerable but still feeling safe)

Water pouring (soothing emotion).

Stars (guiding light)

Cups (containers for emotion)