The Empress

Self-care is a priority

The Empress archetype is familiar to most people. The Empress is a life-giver, creator, and a source of all life. The Empress symbolizes the desire in every living thing for growth and development. It is the world asking you to be.

The Empress represents the need to nurture and nourish. This ability is to plant seeds and provide all the necessary support for them to grow into plants or trees, thus allowing them to produce their own seeds. Nature is what feeds us. It is nature, feeding us. It is the cycles of life, death, and rebirth. It’s a celebration of all the beauty around us. We can roll in fields of golden wheat and soak up all of it. This is an unstoppable, flowing life force.

This card is about caring. Self-care and caring for others. Compassion. Kindness. It’s caring for others and making sure you take care of your needs. It’s a friend who shows you support. It’s the creation of safe spaces. It is about creating a safe space that can be used to nurture others. Facilitating people’s interaction and encouraging them to develop together.

Radiant self-acceptance is a virtue here. It’s the willingness to accept yourself and let others be who they are. Empress said: “I’m here, and I love me.” I belong here. There’s space here for me. There is also space for you.

It can also be referred to as sensuality, sexuality and body-love. Skinny dipping. Strutting your stuff. You can wear whatever you like. Respecting your body, its unique beauty, strengths and limitations. Playing with your body, learning new things, and building a healthy relationship.

It’s a physical engagement that connects with the world. This is the enjoyment of touch, taste and smell. It’s a rose garden, and a hot bath. You can have cake or leather or anything else you like. Luxury is the Empress.

You can express the Empress’ energy by making space for friends, cooking nutritious food for someone you love, and running a hot tub for someone you love. You can express the Empress when you prioritize self-care and take care of your material needs. Empress energy is channelled when you take care of your garden, dress in your most comfortable and sexiest outfits, and express what you feel through your makeup or clothing. Empress energy is when you are able to feel the healing power of nature. You can practice herbalism, talk with trees, camp out and gather flowers for your table.

Advice from the Empress

As you may have gathered, the Empress wants to you love and care about yourself unconditionally. Because Empress energy is grounded, earthy stuff, it’s important to ensure your physical needs are met. Your environment, home and workspace are important. Are they pleasant and comfortable? These are the simplest aspects of our lives. But, as the Empress will remind you, they are essential to our happiness. It is easy to be distracted by higher pursuits, such as spirituality or intellectualism. But your physical world is important too. These foundations are magic, as the Empress rejoices.

It’s something that we all deserve, and it is not something we can ‘earn. The Empress can be a symbol of you taking care of your own needs and receiving help from others. You can play a caring role, take care of others, or be there for strangers. These roles are represented by the Empress, who asks that you focus on your relationship with them.

This is important to keep in mind that the Empress maintains a healthy balance. This person isn’t someone who cares only for others but neglects their own needs. This is not a person who only cares about their own needs. This card is full of generosity and a lot more give and take. If you see the Empress, it’s a good idea to double-check that you are on a two-way road when it comes to receiving and giving care and support.

The Empress is a symbol of perseverance. The harvest doesn’t arrive immediately after a seed has been planted. It takes a lot of time and love to bring each plant to life. The Empress encourages slow, organic processes and takes the time to do so. The message applies to all things, whether it’s work, relationships, transitions, or life in general. It deserves love and tenderness. Give it what it requires.

This card is also a card that represents abundance. It may appear to remind you of the beauty in your life or to encourage you get outside and enjoy fresh air. It is a card that celebrates simple things, but also allows you to indulge in luxury. You can treat yourself to a pampering or full-blown shopping spree, and you’ll feel great.

The Empress is also about nature. Being in touch and connected to the world around us. It’s about getting out of your cubicle and looking up at the sky. It is well-known that nature can be a great place to relax, both mentally and physically. Remember that you were created from the earth and that you will return to it. This is where you belong. Nature loves you and you don’t have anything to prove.

Key words and concepts

Self-love and love from/for others

Creativity in all its forms and self-expression

Abundance, richness

Nature, seasons, and feeling in tune to the natural world

Be in the flow

Sexuality, sensuality, enjoying your physicality


Life force

Your maternal figure is a key part of your life

Here are some common symbols

Growing plants (fecundity and growth)

Crops (abundance, richness)

Venus symbols: Love, sexuality and pleasure

A crown is power, or being in charge.

Pregnancy (fertility and birth)

A river is a feeling of motion and flow.