The Golden Shield. Sanctum Of Splendor: There’s reason to be optimistic. Your passion project will reap great rewards. You can shine to succeed. To inspire others, cultivate self-confidence. This is the setting: a Zoroastrian fire temple in Persepolis, during the Achaemenid empire. Nuska (or Nusku), the Mesopotamian god light and fire, is featured. He is the son of the moon God. Prayer in Old Persian on Shield: “Lord Wisdom and Light, protect our people from our enemies, famine and falsehoods.”

The Ivory Shield. Sanctum for the Immaculate. Airmid (Airmed) is the patron divinity of this sanctuary. He comes from the Tuatha De Danann tribe of the goddess Danu. Airmid, a Gaelic Irish legend, is an immortal with healing powers. Airmid is also the guardian of the Well of Wisdom in The Celtic Otherworld. Airmid is surrounded with chamomile blossoms, one of the oldest documented medicinal herbs. Spend some time in the sanctum immaculate clearing your world of all the junk left by others. Once you have cleared your world, trust your intuition and psychic senses and listen to your emotions. They will not lead your astray.

The Scarlet Shield. Sanctum the Valiant: Glory is only possible with sacrifice. The Shorn One, an Aztec warrior-priest who will be your spirit guide as you go forward confidently facing your battles, is your spiritual guide. The shield depicts an eagle eating a serpent, a divine sign from the gods. The Scarlet Shield reminds us to protect ourselves by wearing our armor. The background shows the city-state Mexica Tenochtitlan from the 15th century. Develop confidence and fearlessness. You can make sure that your voice is heard by being logical and rational. Don’t be afraid to speak up. Conquer to dominate. Invoke the warrior spirit. Mind games can bring you victory. Watch Animated Works in Progress (Instagram video) .

The Ebony Shield. Sanctum Of Treasures: Save, Invest, and Be More Careful about Your Personal Security. Protect yourself. Warden to protect and preserve. This archetype is the breadwinner and the rock that anchors a family, the anchor that holds the ship grounded. The Ebony Shield protects your luck, wealth, gains, and earthly dominion. Here is Dihya the warrior queen of Amizighs in the 7th Century. She was al-Kahina (The Prophetess). The men who feared her called her a soothsayer-sorceress. In tribute to the Amizighs she is seen here with traditional facial tattoos. These are magical talismans that can be used to increase fertility, prosperity, or power during magical rituals. This palace of possibilities is inhabited by the spirit of Dihya. Watch also Animated work in progress (Instagram Video).


The Shining Ones are an angel hierarchy that gives miracles to humanity and blesses us with blessings. They also encourage us to live virtuously.

Because they emit a bright, luminous light, they are called “shining ones”. They are the masculinized four-element kinetic power.

A Shining One is a divine message that you must act quickly when it appears. The area (or suit) from which the Shining One comes is indicative of the areas in which the call to action is being made.

Each Knight is accompanied at all times by one of the Four Winged Horses or one of the Alchemical Mythic Creatures per Paracelsus.

The Shining Flame. Emblems of the Salamander. Do not delay, do not procrastinate. Train hard, now. The lightning bolt will strike. Your passions and your impulses will be accelerated. You’ll learn fast, and you’ll be able to earn quickly. Clarify your goals and clarify them. Here’s a hwarang knight warrior from the Silla Kingdom who is training in a Buddhist monastery dedicated Maitreya. To balance the scepter in the right place, the knight must use more of his core strength. The fire-breathing salamander is the helper spirit. Bellum is the name of the winged horse.

The Shining WatersWaves from the Undine Take a moment to slow down and look around. Follow the flow. Let the waves roll. Romance is everywhere. There are two times in life: a time when wisdom is important and a pleasure time. Now is the time to satisfy your longings. Your world is pure poetry. Dreams can be prophetic. You will be successful if you show kindness and charisma. This is a portrait of a nobility in 14th-century Florence, which was the birth of the Italian Renaissance. The undine is his helper spirit. She can shapeshift, cast illusions and gives you prescient visions. Mortem is the winged horse.

The Shining Gale. Winds of the Sylph Be strategic. Try to conform to the environment around you but assert yourself once in the center. This is how you quickly rise to the top. Be bold and decisive in your attack. Don’t reveal your plan. Don’t reveal your plans. Do not rush your actions, but be patient. Here is a picture of a warrior general holding the Sword of Goujian. Red text is the Diamond Sutra’s opening lines. Imperial yellow behind it is the seal to invoke the Lady of Ninth Heaven. The sylph is the warrior general’s support spirit. He controls the wind and storms. Victorum is the name of Victorum, the winged horse.

The Shining Quarry. Caverns for the Gnome: You can go slow and steady. Every move should be considered carefully. You will be rewarded for being chivalrous. The workhorse is the one who accomplishes the job. Here is a Rajput soldier standing in front of Rani ki Vv, a subterranean stepwell and temple dedicated to Vishnu, the Preserver. The gnome is his helper spirit, who grows metals in the earth and can help retrieve what was lost. Denarius is the winged horse. Spend some time reviewing your finances and looking at your physical and mental health.