The Hanged Man

The art of “allowing”

The Hanged man, like the Fool is a figure that few people know. They laugh at the Fool’s cheerful, light steps towards the edge of the cliff. Here, they see a man hanging upside-down from a tree, and they seem fine with it. What is the matter?

The truth is true even if you’re a minority of one. The Hanged Man symbolizes independence from the flock and the willingness to see things differently. This card can be used to indicate critical thinking and awareness, especially when it is paired with other cards dealing with this theme. It can also represent courage.

Courage to not make quick judgments. Courage to allow things to unfold.

Because the Hanged Man also talks about being in limbo. Patience. Waiting. Waiting. It can be much more difficult to do nothing than to do something. It is so common to jump into a situation and quickly deal with it. It takes courage and strength to not hold back.

It is also about spiritual practices that allow us to take a step back. You create the space you desire in your own head, much like the Hermit. This is a brave act that requires courage and discipline.

Meditation. Mindfulness. These adult coloring books are filled with flowers and mandalas. You can either look out at the sea or lie in a floating tank. These practices are not just for peace and quiet, but also to achieve spiritual awareness, an inner peace. It is possible to let go of the ego, stop the chattering mind, and find peace. We can simply be without judgment. These moments are called awakenings.

It’s an art form. Ruth West’s Thea Tarot calls this card ‘Art’. It’s the art of simply allowing. Peace with the present. Peace with yourself.

This is why hanging people on this card often have a halo. They don’t mind hanging upside-down. It’s an option. It can be much more difficult to do nothing than to do something. But the Hanged Man has the discipline, courage and self-respect to do it.

Advice from the Hanged Men

This card, like the Hanged Man who sees the world upside-down, can inspire you to have a new perspective. What does the truth look like to you? What is the truth, regardless of what everyone else thinks? What are you seeing?

If your question centers around a decision, a “Should I ” is the right question. The advice is to wait. Do not act now. Don’t make a decision. Keep in mind that you don’t have all the facts. Take a passive approach, quiet your mind, reserve judgement. Just watch and wait.

Here, there are strong echoes from the Hermit. How can you find peace and quiet within yourself? If you feel the need to withdraw, retreat, or make space for yourself, do so. You can try the above mentioned practices – mindfulness and meditation, or sitting in nature – to find peace.

Find peace with your ego and all its demands on your spirit. Allow yourself to be. You are enough. You are enough. You can be who you are without judgment.

Key words and concepts


Remain calm


Recognize that you don’t know everything

Let events unfold

Meditation and mindful practice

Inner peace

Independent thinking and a new perspective


Overcoming ego

Don’t be afraid of what you have within.

Here are some common symbols

Hanging upside-down (independent perspectives, your truth)

Other magical symbols, such as halo (transcendence or enlightenment), can be used to create inner peace, such as inner peace, halo, and other magical symbols