Sometimes the only way we can find the answers is to seek them out by ourselves. This is how to create sacred space and be alone with your thoughts.

The Hermit

In solitude, seek out the truth

Sometimes the only way we can find the answers is to seek them out by ourselves. This is how to create sacred space and be alone with your thoughts.

This kind of solitude is frightening. This is a kind of silence. This requires courage and a strong spirit of resourcefulness. It takes courage to face the chaos we all carry within us and try to make sense of it.

The archetype of the Hermit is one who has done this sorting. This card reflects the inner peace and serenity of the philosopher/guru who understands life by looking within. We recognize the Hermit from mythologies across all cultures. He is the lonely, cloaked figure who lives on the hilltop or in the village. She is the wise person our hero must seek advice from to gain wisdom that will help her along her journey.

The Hermit, like the Hierophant is a symbol of teaching and/or studying. Mentorship and/or being mentored. Counselling and/or getting counsel. You may be the Hermit and you are either starting or continuing your studies or helping someone else. Or you could do both. You may also encounter another type of guide: an animal guide, a spirit guide or an author. Any wise soul can help you on your journey.

The Hierophant places emphasis on learned wisdom, i.e. The Hierophant’s emphasis is on received wisdom (i.e., knowledge passed down through generations) and finding our place in some kind of lineage, while the Hermit emphasizes personal quests. It’s about looking within. The lamp that the Hermit carries represents your inner light, your instinct and the desire for learning. It will help you find the answers you are looking for.

Advice from the Hermit

These images are romantic and metaphoric. This card will signal that you need to find some alone time, whether it’s a retreat or a quiet night in. You have so much to learn. You must make space for it to happen. If you can, take some time for yourself. While it’s fine to say no to social engagements, remember to also turn off the TV to read or think.

This card emphasizes the importance of making space for your studies. If you aren’t in the process or’studying’ then it is important to simply think and gather your thoughts. When you are constantly distracted by media, chatter, and to-do lists, it is difficult to be ‘on your inner quest’. A studio is essential for an artist, while a ship needs a captain… and a thinker requires a place where their thoughts can roam. Is there a place in your home that you can use only? Is it possible to make a small nook in your home that is just for you?

You may be encouraged by the Hermit to help others on their journeys. How can you effectively communicate the lessons you have learned? While teaching might be the traditional classroom type, it could also refer to a YouTuber, writer, groupwork facilitator, walk leader, or friend who imparts knowledge. The Hermit is asking you to consider yourself a teacher and not just a person who stands in front of a class spouting knowledge. Recognize yourself as a mentor, guide and coach. How can you help your students find their way by ‘drawing out’ their gifts?

The Hermit might encourage you to find a mentor or guide. This could be a teacher, therapist, blogger, or author. Mentors come in many forms. You can either look for someone who has followed a similar path to yours or learn from their experiences so that you can guide your own.

Key words and concepts

Solitide, retreat

Peace and tranquility

Give your mind space

You can do it all on your own

You can claim space and time


Find a mentor/teacher

Guided or self-guided study

Here are some common symbols

A lamp (inner wisdom that guides you)

A staff that is based on wisdom and knowledge

Mountainstops and isolated areas in nature (solitude).

Hooded cloak (devotion for study)